RTM’d today: Training Guide: Configuring Windows 8

673229new.inddWe’re happy to announce that Training Guide: Configuring Windows 8 (ISBN 9780735673229) by Scott Lowe has shipped to the printer! This book will be available at retail stores by the end of the month.

If you’re an IT professional with a few years’ experience administering previous versions of Windows client operating systems, you'll want to upgrade your skills to support Windows 8 in your workplace. This book will help you do exactly that. It provides detailed technical information as well as practice exercises to help you expand your skills for deploying, managing, and maintaining Windows 8. If you are planning on getting certified to validate you skills, this book will help round out your study plan. It includes most of the topics and skills covered in the Microsoft certification exam 70-687.

You can download a the table of contents and a couple of chapters here.

In today’s post, we share the Contents at a Glance and an excerpt from the Introduction.




Contents at a glance

CHAPTER 1     Evaluating Windows 8
CHAPTER 2     Installing and migrating to Windows 8
CHAPTER 3     Handling hardware and device drivers
CHAPTER 4     Installing and configuring applications
CHAPTER 5     Managing Internet Explorer
CHAPTER 6     Using Hyper-V
CHAPTER 7     Administering Windows networking
CHAPTER 8     Configuring security
CHAPTER 9     Working with remote management tools
CHAPTER 10   Sharing resources
CHAPTER 11   File system and storage management
CHATPER 12   Administering authentication and authorization
CHAPTER 13   Managing and securing mobility
CHAPTER 14   Monitoring and maintaining Windows
CHAPTER 15   System protection and recovery

Introduction (excerpt)

This training guide is designed for information technology (IT) professionals who support or plan to support Windows 8 and are ramping up on the latest technology. It is assumed that before you begin using this guide, you have at least an entry-level understanding of Microsoft Windows and common internet technologies.

This book covers some of the topics and skills that are the subject of the Microsoft certification 70-687 exam. If you are using this book to complement your study materials, you might find this information useful. This book is designed to help you in the job role; it might not cover all exam topics. If you are preparing for the exam, you should use additional study materials to bolster your real-world experience. For your reference, a mapping of the topics in this book to the exam objectives is included in the back of the book.

By using this training guide, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Install Windows 8 on a new computer or upgrade to Windows 8 from an earlier version of Windows
  • Share network resources, including printers and file storage space on a Windows 8 client
  • Navigate the new Windows 8 user interface and perform common administrative tasks in both the new and the earlier interfaces
  • Manage the Windows 8 client-side Hyper-V virtualization software
  • Configure and manage Internet Explorer 10
  • Manage and troubleshoot hardware device drivers
  • Secure the Windows 8 operating system environment
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