A final timing update on Petzold’s Programming Windows 6E ebook

671768cvr.inddHello! We’re very happy to announce that we have finalized Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, Sixth Edition!

As many of you know—the many of you who purchased the ebook version of this title and have been receiving incremental releases of the ebook since May 2012—Charles began writing this book against prerelease software and we released early versions of the ebook so that you could ramp up on writing apps for the Windows Store as early as possible. Follow that link at the beginning of this paragraph and you’ll see the unique offer we crafted for Charles’s ebook. Right now we’re creating the various ebook formats from our final files—this means we’re in the final days of the $40 period for the ebook. The price will jump to $50 sometime next week when the final ebook is released.

Thank you, everyone who has taken part in this experiment with us! You’ll have the final ebook—which, by the way, has grown from our theorized 800 pages to 1136 pages—very soon. And we’d love to hear from you about this experiment in the comments, or you can write me at devonm@microsoft.com.

Again, thanks.

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  1. Nate says:

    I really was impressed with how the book was available to us very early in the beginning but then it fell off the earth as things started to get released as full versions of the OS and VS2012.  I would have been nice to get a nugget every once in while for the people that bought early.  But over all the process has been good.

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