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Get a headstart evaluating Window 8—guided by a Windows expert who’s worked extensively with the software since the preview releases. Based on final, release-to-manufacturing (RTM) software, this book introduces new features and capabilities, with scenario-based insights demonstrating how to plan for, implement, and maintain Windows 8 in an enterprise environment. Get the high-level information you need to begin preparing your deployment now.

Topics include:

• Performance, reliability, and security features

• Deployment options

• Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit

• Windows PowerShell™ 3.0 and Group Policy

• Managing and sideloading apps

• Internet Explorer® 10

• Virtualization, Client Hyper-V, and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

• Recovery features

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  1. Andrea PC Repair says:

    Great os for the cost and wonderful advancements since the beginning of time

  2. The book looks good, thanks for the free resource 🙂

  3. Jose Alvarado says:

    Thank you I love to read all the MS press books. More knowledge more power!!

  4. Shazmin Azfer says:

    Just downloaded it. Contents are really helpful 🙂

  5. Suraj subedi says:

    I am very happy to read this book. It is very help ful for me to get better information about the topic. thank u very much for publishing this book.

  6. Joel Rubia says:

    Thanks for this ebook. Really helpful!

  7. breaker119 says:

    This is great – now how do I read it on my Surface with the Kindle App?

  8. Mark Renfrew says:

    There is another free reader for Windows phone 7.5 and Windows 8: Freda. It allows you to read any book you put onto Skydrive. I have used this and it works great.

  9. Franccesco says:

    Thanks !!!

  10. Art Zasadny says:

    Thank you!

  11. ali alshmrine says:

    التقم لميكروسفت للتطوير التكنلوجيا والتطبيقات البرمجيه واتاحة التجربيه المجانيه  شكرا ميكروسفت

    ali alshmrine   thnk you  for geev thes bogram  and thes work good gaop mecrosft

  12. caperjack says:

    thanks for the free download

  13. Jesse MacDonough says:

    This is an awesome resource!  Thank you for the free download.  I noticed one typographic error: On page 12, in Chapter 2 under the subheading, "Like Windows 7 – Only better", the 4th paragraph begins with the sentence, "To provide a no-comprise tablet experience, the Windows 8 user interface…"  This should likely be 'no-compromise'.  Just FYI.

  14. EYEMIT says:

    Just when you think you know it all they add another OS!!

  15. AB Castillo says:

    Thanks for the knowledge update.

  16. Charles Asare says:


  17. Mitch Kumar says:

    I like the new Win8 user interface, and you can easily switch back to the old familiar Windows 7, just by clicking desktop tile or by pressing the windows key.    

  18. J D says:

    Great introduction to this new OS.

    Thank you.  

  19. Hammad says:

    a nice addtion to MS OS list sofar…

  20. HOLMES says:

    Obrigado pelo livro!!!

  21. 亂馬客 says:


  22. Kelvin Duong says:

    Cool, like this ebook!

  23. Peter M says:

    Thanks for making this excellent text available free of charge. I have started programming for W8 and I like the new desktop app programming model, but I only knew just enough about W8 to get by. This book is helping me fill in the gaps and exposing me to lots of W8 goodies. Nice holiday present 🙂

  24. Faiyazuddin Mohammed says:


  25. Abhimanyu Vaishy says:


  26. Sumit Thukral says:

    Windows 8 is faster than ever… anybody need help with it your are welcome.

  27. Nguyen Tan Cam says:

    Thanks for your e-book. It is very helpful.  

  28. Sumit Thukral says:

    Windows 8 is too good, we would definitely suggest everyone to get an update. Need any Technical Help Call me 9810017172 (rational systems pvt. ltd. –

  29. Dipu Singh says:

    Thanks microsoft…………………

  30. Suhas says:

    Thanks for the eBook

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  32. Bashar says:

    Thank you Microsoft for making such great resource handy and free of change !

  33. Fabián Montero Pérez says:

    De verdad que Windows 8 me parece genial la barra de herramientas arriba en las ventanas de Equipo y Mis Documentos es demasiado útil increíble

  34. Priti Belnekar says:

    This is a great resource. Thank you very much to provide a free download.

  35. George says:

    Thanks  …

  36. Joerg says:

    Habe einigen Arbeitskollegen in der Firma geholfen, Windows 8 auf ihren PCs zu installieren, da ich selber (aus Begeisterung) die Werbetrommel für Windows 8 rühre. Bisher war jeder, der Windows 8 bekommen hat begeistert. Und alle(!) Zweifel die aufkamen konnten wir beseitigen.

  37. Rein says:

    Thank You!

  38. Shahriyar Shirinov says:

    Nice to start

  39. Glenn Dost says:

    Microsoft, Many many thanks for providing this wonderful book. I recomend this for the IT pro to get started the right way!

  40. NIRMAL SANTRA says:

    I Like this book,

  41. Ram Chenna says:

    I have it installed and looks quite sleek and fast…thanks microsoft. Windows 7 is heavy.

  42. Md.Imran says:

    Thanks a lot for providing these !

  43. Md Imran says:

    Thanks a lot for providing these..

  44. Rajendra Bhise says:

    Thanks for book. Good user interface.

  45. mostafa says:

    I appreciate any proposal for learning especially when concerning a new technology

    thanks for everyone effort to present this greatful introduction to windows 8

  46. Mike Oguntomi says:

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  48. samarjeet singh says:

    thanks. shall b great aid.

  49. irfan kahn says:

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  52. Cesar Flores L. says:

    Spanish please…. LatinoAmerica present.

  53. Khalid Al-Kaltham says:

    Thanks for free great Introducing Windows 8, I like Microsoft Press: easy and simply to reach the ideas and understanding.

  54. V.H. says:

    From my 32 Applications only 24 were compatible. Among the problems: Cisco IPSec VPN (needs changes in registry), VMWare vSphere (not compatible) a number of other good tools not compatible… Also no ISO burner (W7 had it built-in). I had to buy a Start button for 4.99 to make system friendly again… I can't imagine this system deployed in our environment…

  55. Saul H says:

    I don't like it.  I work with thousands of files, I am a researcher and windows 8 takes away my capability of opening the explorer and start menu from the very beginning so I have to right click, then change to windows 7 like desktop, then click on what I am looking for, etc.  Is frustrating.

  56. Integrity Computer Solutions says:

    the book looks informative, and a must have for the professional who wants to stay on top of his game.  

  57. V.H. says:

    I am  sorry to be negative here… I am reading this book and found it to be very good, actually. The only no-no – I will never agree with the authors on the concept to combine the fun at home and the office applications in something that will newer work together… In small business – maybe. In big – never.  

  58. Mehrdad says:

    Could not download any of the formats!!!! Tried right click save as well as click on the link which I got page could not be found.

  59. Disappointing, soon gave up trying to read it all or even skim through it.

    The marketing hype is rather irritating, why not just let the products' advantages speak for themselves? I had a teacher at school who used to mark any sentence that proovided a worthwhile insight with a tick, and gave an extra tick for hard facts or correct quotes. We soon learned not to waste our time or his time with pointless drivel.

    There is no need for the technical term "SKU". It is not even the correct way to distinguish between product editions with different feature levels, for example, a single copy and a multiple pack of the same edition would generally be separate SKUs.

    Please find a proof reader who knows the difference between "to compliment" on p24,p145 and "to complement".


    thank you very much for your services are greatly appreciated …

  61. dustin says:

    Exclent, this will be great to add to my other collection of microsoft books

  62. Abhishek Koruri says:

    Thank you very much for free download and the book is very user friendly

  63. KEHINDE (Kenny) says:

    Thanks for this Christmas gift……I am sure it will make a great reference material

  64. Vladimir Andreev says:

    That is just beautiful! Timely,free,with the desired perspective. Highly appreciated. Thank you for the great job.

  65. robyprimo says:

    Grazie mille, mi sarà sicuramente utile!!

    Thanks! Roberto.

  66. ramakrishna reddy says:

    Thanks for this ebook. Really helpful!!!!!!!!!!!.

  67. Gopi says:

    Thanks for free e-book which would be helpful in understanding the new version of windows in brief…..

  68. palaniappan.muthu says:

    I love win 8 and recommend my friends and customers

  69. Ashim Biswas says:

    It is really helpful. I hope this type of help will be increased day by day for expand our knowledge on Microsoft related all software as well as personal skill development. God bless Microsft compay and all personnel who are involved in this creation.

    Many thanks and regards.


  70. Julio Pleites says:

    I am very thankful and eager to learn technical articles specially about windows 8

  71. cbalcazarb says:

    Very well thanks. It´s very important.

  72. Thank you very much 🙂

    This is the one I was looking for and it's FREE 😀

  73. Sanjeet Sharma says:

    Really g8 book. I was looking for good book but free download n I got it. Thanks

  74. Umshankar Marimuthu says:

    Thanks for the free book, love to have it since it is for IT Professionals

  75. I am very happy to read this book. It is very help full for me to get better information about the topic. thank u very much for publishing this book.

  76. Prasath S says:

    Thanks , it will use for everyone 🙂

  77. Urmesh says:

    Thanks for this ebook. Really helpful!

  78. Thank you for this. I have worked hard to get my head wrapped around Windows 8. I am using it on my production machine. However, there is excellent content in this book. I now have more information to assist me in getting deeper into the OS and its capabilities.

    Happy New Year!

  79. Neil says:

    Thanks ms this eBook should help me decide, weather I wish to upgrade or wait until the first service pack is released. ++ it's free ! 🙂

  80. Cheryl McKeown says:

    I like this book. Technical Pro should read this.

  81. Faisal Aslam says:

    Thanks for this free dowload.

    It will benefit many it students.

  82. Steve from Florida says:

    Thank you microsoft,  this is great asset to me although I am not a paid IT I am my family and friends IT help.  A lot of them got computers with Windows 8 on them and the questions are coming already.  Again Thanks

  83. Ron says:

    Many thanks!  I enjoy very much in learning!  Happy New Year!

  84. Richard says:

    Great offer. Microsoft finally has to be congratulated for this offering!! Thank you

  85. sidecar says:

    Thank you making this book available for free.

  86. Gautam Thapa says:

    thanks for free download….thanks a lot [of..

  87. Joao Castelo says:

    Thanks. share knowledge you tha man.

  88. Kalpesh Patel says:

    Great book Thank you

    virtualization & DART is very nice

  89. Jkpanto says:

    Thank you for making this free, especially for us in developing economy.

  90. arunkumar pp says:


    good stuff of providing help and support

  91. Syed Muhammad Haziq Ali Shah says:

    Awesome Book, Love Microsoft.

  92. duan says:

    Thanks for this share. I shared to on <a href=''>Blog Ane</a>

  93. dcabreramiami says:

    Very grateful for the free resource!

  94. Philip van Veen says:

    Great read so far, some minor spelling mistakes at the beginning but the smooth read covers that quickly!

    This is a good example of how to convince your fellow IT-tech heads to start using Windows 8 instead of the old "being scared and wait for the first SP1" attitude most IT veterans have thesedays!

    I shall pass it around the office! (IT Consultancy firm)

  95. Atul says:

    Thanks very much for free download!

  96. ishaq rafiqui says:

    this book was nice thanks alot great job

  97. Ramesh says:

    Thanks MS… I vl really enjoi exploring n proramming for Windows

  98. Stephan Kühle says:

    Thank you very much for this free book!

  99. Pak Pow HW says:

    thx u

  100. Yashar Soumeeh says:

    Thank you,

  101. Antonio Gil says:

    Muy bueno, estaría mejor si estuvieran en español

  102. Tim M. says:

    I am a Java developer but the Windows 8 Javascript app development won me 🙂

    You nailed this one! Thank you so much!!!

  103. Moreshwar Dalvi says:

    Thank you so much for giving us the e-books.

  104. Aswar Alif says:

    I hope that the latest version of the Indonesian language that this book is useful for citizens of Indonesia for microsoft

  105. Mohinder Kumar says:

    I have written a book review on this book in the 16th orientation course in Punjabi University Patiala.

    A number of books are in the market having Title like “Your Guide to Windows 8 “,” Inside Out Windows 8” and “Windows 8 for Dummies” but these  title are either too general to be useful or too much bulky to be read. But Jerry has tried to represent the Windows 8 in a very compact way for IT Professionals.  But I want to say that this book is worthy for the IT Professionals who are a long users of Windows but if some one is new to Windows family will have to go through at least two or three Windows Edition like Windows 7 ,XP and Previous Server Editions.

    Mohinder Kumar

    Assistant Professor

    Computer Science & Applications

    Punjab University Chandigarh


  106. Abdul Muneem says:

    Thanks Microsoft for provide free ebooks

  107. thank you for the book

  108. Ehssan says:

    sounds a great e-book,

    thanks for making it available for free,

    cheers all,

  109. SL Narula says:

    Thanks. Could you bring out a book on windows 8 for general user in PDF?

  110. Devilal Yadav says:

    Nice apps n Ebook down apps for surfing on win 8

  111. Thabang Moshoe says:

    Thank you microsoft for this wonderful FREE e-book…I LOVE FREEbies…GOOD TOOL FOR ME AS AN IT PROFESIONAL!!!

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    Very Good!

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