How to keep up with free ebook announcements

I hear from a lot of you each week asking how to keep up with our free ebook announcements and updates to new versions. I thought I might write this post to give some handy tips. Hope you find it valuable.

1) RSS - Subscribe to our RSS feed (located on the right-hand side of the blog home page) and we’ll always write new posts whether the ebook is new or updated.

2) Tag Cloud -We also have a tag cloud on the right side of our blog page where you can find “ebooks” as a tag. All of our free ebooks are tagged this way. I use the tag cloud all the time to check on our posts for free ebooks.

3) Summary Post - I keep this post from May 2012 updated with all new ebooks. You’ll see if you click through that it was last updated on Nov 5, 2012. This is a handy catalog page for these ebooks -


4) Ebook Gallery on TechNet – find Microsoft Press ebooks and much more

You can find an E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies on the TechNet Wiki here -

This fabulous site contains links to our Microsoft Press ebooks as well as ebooks from other departments around Microsoft. New ebooks are added frequently. You can keep up with the growing list by following on Twitter: @MSFreeEBooks





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  1. Great info, thanks for sharing!

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