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imageNOTE: This book has been updated for Windows 8.1. You can buy it here from The Microsoft Press Store.

We are very happy to announce that Windows 8 Inside Out (ISBN 9780735663817), by Tony Northrup, has gone to the printer. Not only will this book give you some crazy-good information on using Windows 8, it includes access to 50 videos in which Tony provides 2.5 hours worth of supplemental lessons and training.


Here are the Contents at a glance and an excerpt from the Introduction.



Part 1: Getting started
Chapter 1 What’s new in Windows 8
Chapter 2 Using Windows 8 apps
Chapter 3 Buying and installing Windows 8
Chapter 4 Upgrading and migrating to Windows 8
Chapter 5 Personalizing Windows 8
Chapter 6 Adding, removing, and managing apps
Chapter 7 Using Windows 8 accessibility features
Chapter 8 Obtaining help and support

Part 2: File management
Chapter 9 Organizing and protecting files
Chapter 10 Backing up and restoring files
Chapter 11 Managing Windows search
Chapter 12 Managing storage
Chapter 13 Using SkyDrive

Part 3: Music, videos, TV, and movies
Chapter 14 Music and videos
Chapter 15 Photos
Chapter 16 Sharing and streaming digital media
Chapter 17 Creating a Home Theater PC

Part 4: Security and privacy
Chapter 18 Managing users and Family Safety
Chapter 19 Windows, application, and network security
Chapter 20 Using Hyper-V

Part 5: Networking
Chapter 21 Setting up a home or small office network
Chapter 22 Setting up ad hoc, Bluetooth, and mobile networks
Chapter 23 Troubleshooting your network
Chapter 24 Sharing and managing files and printers

Part 6: Maintaining, tuning, and troubleshooting
Chapter 25 Maintaining your PC
Chapter 26 Monitoring, measuring, and tuning performance
Chapter 27 Troubleshooting startup problems, crashes, and corruption


WINDOWS 8 is the most important change to the Windows operating system since
Windows 95. While almost everything you’ve come to love about earlier versions
of Windows is still available, Windows 8 provides an infrastructure on which the
next generation of PCs and apps will be built. These new PCs and apps will be powerful,
fast, mobile, and touch-friendly.

Your keyboard and mouse will work fi ne, but you’ll also be able to bring new touch-friendly
PCs to your couch, kitchen, patio, or wherever you want them. Your kids, and even that
technophobic family member who only knows how to use Facebook on their smartphone,
will be able to use the PC with little instruction.

While anyone can use Windows 8, it’s also one of the most full-featured operating systems
ever made. By gaining a deeper understanding of Windows 8, you can use it to record and
watch your favorite TV shows at home and while you travel, edit and share your home
movies, access your fi les from any device anywhere in the world, get fast Internet access
throughout your entire house, and so much more. That’s why I wrote this book: to teach
you how to use PCs to improve the lives of you and your family.

I believe books are the best way to learn. Sometimes, though, it’s much easier for me to
show you something in person. That’s why I’ve recorded dozens of videos and linked to
them throughout this book. You don’t need to watch the videos; they’re entirely optional.
However, they make the process of learning about Windows 8 so much more fun. Often,
videos can show important concepts much more clearly than text and screen shots.

Who this book is for

This book offers a comprehensive look at the features most people will use in Windows 8
and serves as an excellent reference for users who need to understand how to accomplish
what they need to do. In addition, this book goes a step or two further, providing useful
information to advanced users who want to get the most out of their PCs by maximizing
their privacy and security, using them as Wi-Fi hotspots on the go, integrating them into
their home theater system, or almost anything else you can imagine.

Assumptions about you

Windows 8 Inside Out is designed for readers who have some experience with earlier versions
of Windows. You don’t have to be a power user, IT professional, or a developer,
however. While I dive deeply into how Windows 8 works, I always describe concepts using
simple, straightforward language.


How this book is organized

This book gives you a comprehensive look at the various features you will use. This book is
structured in a logical approach to all aspects of using and managing Windows 8.

Part 1, “Getting started,” covers the biggest improvements to Windows 8: the user interface,
the touch and mouse controls, and the apps. This section also shows you how to install
Windows 8 or upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
Finally, this section shows you how to manage your apps, confi gure accessibility features,
and get help when things go wrong.

Part 2, “File management,” shows you how to manage and protect your fi les. You’ll learn
about new features, including Storage Spaces and SkyDrive, which will change how
you manage your fi les. You’ll also learn how to make sure that your important fi les are
backed up.

Part 3, “Music, videos, TV, and movies,” teaches you how to turn a Windows 8 PC into a
multimedia entertainment center for music, movies, and TV. You’ll be able to enjoy your
media whether you’re in your family room, the backseat of your car, or a hotel room.

Part 4, “Security and privacy,” shows you the importance of creating separate user accounts
for everyone in your house. You’ll be able to control and monitor everything your children
do on their PCs. You’ll also be able to keep your fi les private, even if someone steals your
PC. This section also describes how to use Hyper-V to create virtual machines that can run
different operating systems within a window.

Part 5, “Networking,” helps you get your PCs connected to each other and the Internet at
home and on the go, using wired, Wi-Fi, and wireless broadband technologies. This section
also describes troubleshooting common network problems and sharing fi les and printers
between PCs.

Part 6, “Maintaining, tuning, and troubleshooting,” describes how to keep your PC running
as reliably and securely as possible. Besides the usual maintenance tasks, you’ll learn how to
tune the performance of your PC to make it fast as can be.

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    This looks to be another awesome entry in the Inside Out series. I've already pre-orderd two copies from B&N! I also plan to order more copies for my customers.

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