Update on Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, Sixth Edition

Greetings. We have an update about the timing of the final release of Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, 6th Edition ebook.

As Charles works to complete and refine his ebook, he has reconsidered the focus of the later chapters. As a result he and Microsoft Press have agreed to move the scheduled release from November to January. Here’s why:

The ebook’s later chapters discuss optimizing for hardware. As you’re aware, Windows 8 is designed to run on the same types of computers as Windows 7 but has been totally reimagined for touch and other new devices. Commercial tablets will vary somewhat in their touch capabilities (for example, the support of pressure sensitivity and pens) and their ability to detect orientation, movement, and location. Microsoft has also announced its new Surface device since Charles first began writing. Together we agreed it’s important for programs in the ebook’s later chapters to be tested on a Microsoft Surface, which will be generally available at the end of October, and so this will impact the ebook’s completion date.

We also expect the ebook’s final length will be closer to 1000 pages rather than the original 800-page estimate. Hopefully both changes in the ebook ultimately serve you better, and we certainly thank you for your patience and support!

P.S. If you purchase this ebook now, you’ll get the Release Preview edition of the ebook (available now; 13 chapters) and the final ebook (available in January) for only $40.

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  1. Jeremy Ellis says:

    Thank you Devon.  I support giving Mr. Petzold extra time to finalize the book.  I think the book will be that much better, and we will all benefit.



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