New book: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services

cover for SQL Server 2012 Integration ServicesWe’re happy to announce the availability of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services, by Wee-Hyong Tok, Rakesh Parida, Matt Masson, Xiaoning Ding, and Kaarthik Sivashanmugam.

This book provides ETL developers and database administrators (DBAs) with comprehensive information on SQL Server 2012 Integration Services, and deep dive discussions on core features. The book includes special coverage of new features introduced with SQL Server 2012. Readers will gain an understanding not only of SSIS fundamentals, but get introduced to more advanced SSIS usage patterns, best practices, and see how to perform them effectively and take advantage of the newest SSIS features.

This is not a beginner book; readers should already have a basic knowledge of SSIS and be proficient with basic SSIS usage. The book has 23 chapters arranged in three major sections:

• Overview

• Development

• Database Admin

• Deep-Dive

• Troubleshooting

You can view the complete table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Overview

Chapter 1 SSIS Overview

Common Usage Scenarios for SSIS
Evolution of SSIS
Setting Up SSIS

Chapter 2 Understanding SSIS Concepts

Control Flow
Data Flow
SSIS Catalog

Chapter 3 Upgrading to SSIS 2012

What’s New in SSIS 2012
Upgrade Considerations and Planning
Integration Services Upgrade

Part 2 - Development

Chapter 4 New SSIS Designer Features

The Integration Services Designer
Configuration and Deployment
New Tasks and Data Flow Components
Control Flow
Data Flow

Chapter 5 Team Development

Improvements in SQL Server 2012
Using Source Control Management with SSIS
Best Practices

Chapter 6 Developing an SSIS Solution

SSIS Project Deployment Models
Develop an Integration Services Project

Chapter 7 Understanding SSIS Connectivity

Previous Connectivity Options in SSIS
New Connectivity Options in SSIS 2012
Connectivity Considerations for SSIS
Connectivity to Other Sources and Destinations

Chapter 8 Working with Change Data Capture in SSIS 2012

CDC in SQL Server
CDC in SSIS 2012
CDC for Oracle

Chapter 9 Data Cleansing Using SSIS

Data Profiling Task
Fuzzy Lookup Transformation
Fuzzy Grouping Transformation
Data Quality Services Cleansing Transform

Part III - Database Admin

Chapter 10 Configuration in SSIS

Configuration Basics
Configuration in SSIS 2012
Configuring Parameters on the SSIS Catalog
Package Deployment Model and Backward Compatibility
Best Practices for Configuring SSIS

Chapter 11 Running SSIS Packages

Ways to Run SSIS Packages
Running Packages in the SSIS Catalog
Running Packages from SQL Agent
Running Packages via PowerShell
Creating and Running SSIS Packages Programmatically

Chapter 12 SSIS T-SQL Magic

Overview of SSIS Stored Procedures and Views
Integration Services Catalog
SSIS Projects and Packages
SSIS Environments

Chapter 13 SSIS PowerShell Magic

PowerShell Refresher
PowerShell and SQL Server
Managing SSIS with PowerShell
Advantages of Using PowerShell with SSIS

Chapter 14 SSIS Reports

Getting Started with SSIS Reports
Data Preparation
Monitoring SSIS Package Execution
Using SSIS Reports to Troubleshoot SSIS Package Execution
Using the Execution Performance Report to Identify Performance Trends

Part IV - Deep-Dive

Chapter 15 SSIS Engine Deep Dive

The Control Flow Engine
The Data Flow Engine

Chapter 16 SSIS Catalog Deep Dive

SSIS Catalog Deep Dive
Understanding the SSIS Package Execution Life Cycle
SSIS Catalog Maintenance and SQL Server Agent Jobs
Backup and Restore of the SSIS Catalog

Chapter 17 SSIS Security

Protect Your Package
Security in the SSIS Catalog
Running SSIS with SQL Agent

Chapter 18 Understanding SSIS Logging

Configure Logging Options
Log Providers
Logging in the SSIS Catalog
Advanced Logging Topics

Chapter 19 Automating SSIS

Introduction to SSIS Automation
Dynamic Package Generation
Metadata-Based Execution
Alternative Solutions and Samples

Part V - Troubleshooting

Chapter 20 Troubleshooting SSIS Package Failures

Getting Started with Troubleshooting
Data Preparation
Troubleshooting Failures of SSIS Package Executions
Troubleshooting the Execute Package Task and Child Package Executions
Troubleshooting SSIS Package Execution Failures Scheduled with SQL Agent

Chapter 21 SSIS Performance Best Practices

Creating a Performance Strategy
Measuring SSIS Performance
Designing for Performance

Chapter 22 Troubleshooting SSIS Performance Issues

Performance Profiling
Troubleshooting Performance Issues
Understanding SSIS Package Execution Performance
Monitoring SSIS Package Execution Performance
Per-Execution Performance Counters
Interactive Analysis of Performance Data

Chapter 23 Troubleshooting Data Issues

Troubleshooting in the Design Environment
Troubleshooting in the Execution Environment
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