New book: Start Here! Learn JavaScript

cover for Start Here! Learn JavaScriptWe’re pleased to announce the availability of the new book Start Here! Learn JavaScript, by Steve Suehring, the author of several other JavaScript-centric books for Microsoft Press. Learn the fundamentals of modern programming with JavaScript—and begin building your first apps for the web. This book introduces must-know concepts and techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises.

With the importance of web development skills growing every day, and the ever-increasing importance of JavaScript as a development language, for both the web and now for Windows Store app development as well, there’s a growing need for books that provide an entry-level path into JavaScript programming, and that beginner audience is the target for this book. Readers will acquire a fundamental knowledge that they can build on not only in JavaScript programming for the web, but also gain an introduction to programming Windows Store apps using JavaScript.

The full table of contents appears below. You can purchase the book here:

Start Here! Learn JavaScript

Chapter 1 : What Is JavaScript?

A First JavaScript Program
Where JavaScript Fits
Writing Your First JavaScript Program

Chapter 2 : JavaScript Programming Basics

JavaScript Placement: Revisited
Basic JavaScript Syntax
JavaScript Variables and Data Types
Looping and Conditionals in JavaScript

Chapter 3 : Building JavaScript Programs

Objects in JavaScript
Debugging JavaScript

Chapter 4 : JavaScript in a Web Browser

JavaScript Libraries
Getting jQuery
Getting jQuery UI
The Browser Object Model
Retrieving Elements with JavaScript and jQuery

Chapter 5 : Handling Events with JavaScript

Common Events with JavaScript
Handling Mouse Events
Validating Web Forms with jQuery
Keyboard Events and Forms

Chapter 6 : Getting Data into JavaScript

AJAX in Brief
AJAX and JavaScript
Retrieving Data with jQuery
Using JSON for Efficient Data Exchange
Sending Data to the Server

Chapter 7 : Styling with JavaScript

Changing Styles with JavaScript
Working with CSS Classes
Advanced Effects with jQuery UI
Putting It All Together: A Space Travel Demo

Chapter 8 : Using JavaScript with Microsoft Windows 8

JavaScript Is Prominent in Windows 8
A Stroll Through a Windows 8 Application
Building a Windows 8 App
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