Sneak peek: Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

657984.inddGreetings. We’re working with our good friend Richard Hundhausen on a book called Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, which we’ll be publishing in October. Here’s a little bit about Rich:

Richard is the president of Accentient, a company that helps software development teams understand and leverage Application Lifecycle Management and Scrum tools and practices. He has over 30 years of software development experience and over 20 years of training experience. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, Visual Studio ALM MVP, and author of several books and courses, including Microsoft's Professional Scrum Developer program. Richard grew up in southern Idaho, lived in Germany for a couple of years, and moved back to Boise in 2001. He enjoys playing soccer, writing code, and being a husband and father of five.

And here’s some advance praise for Rich’s new book:

“Richard provides real Scrum guidance for real teams. If you’re a Scrum team using Visual Studio, this
book is a great resource.”
—Aaron Bjork, Principal Group Program Manager, Team Foundation Server, Microsoft

“Richard successfully marries the best tools for .NET developers to the most effective practices
without sacrificing the people.”
—David Starr, Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio, Microsoft

“Finally, a book about Scrum from the Development Team’s point of view; Richard’s description of
the best and worst ways to implement Scrum is priceless. The first chapter alone is one of the best
descriptions of ‘Scrum done well’ that I’ve ever seen.”
—Charles Bradley, Scrum Coach & Professional Scrum Master

“The very first book on Team Foundation Server that I read was written by Richard, and he’s done it
again this time with another fantastic read.”
—Brian Keller, Principal Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Visual Studio

“Richard does a fantastic job of blending theory, practice, and tools in one easy to read book!
This book will surely be a staple for many of our Scrum coaching engagements.”
—Chad Albrecht, VP Centare, PST

“As an encore to helping introduce the industry shaking Professional Scrum Developer program,
Richard reminds us in this book why he’s a leading voice in Scrum and Visual Studio ALM.”
—Ryan Cromwell, Professional Scrum Trainer, MVP

“I’ve known Richard a long time and it’s been great to follow his progression towards becoming a
Scrum ‘white robe.’ I’m so happy the community now has the ultimate resource on understanding the
marriage of Scrum and TFS.”
—Adam Cogan, Microsoft Regional Director, Visual Studio ALM MVP [of the year 2011]

“If you’re new to Scrum or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, this book will help you get the
big picture.”
—Benjamin Day, Professional Scrum Trainer, MVP

“If you’re using Scrum and TFS and you haven’t read this book, then you’re probably doing it wrong.”
—Brian Randell, MCW Technologies, Visual Studio ALM MVP

“In this book, Richard uses the core values of Scrum to describe how to get the best Scrum adoption
of Visual Studio 2012. This is a superb combination of principles and mechanics that should be on all
teams’ bookshelves.”
—Simon Reindl Professional Scrum Developer Trainer

“I don’t keep a lot of technology books on my bookshelf due to the pace at which developer tools
evolve but this book, with its focus on people and processes, is definitely a keeper. Richard’s book is
to Scrum development as Petzold’s was to Windows development.”
—Charles Sterling, Visual Studio Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

“Among the plethora of Scrum literature out there, Richard’s book makes a difference by bringing
Scrum closer to where it belongs: the day-to-day work in the context of a team, supported by suitable
practices, and the state-of-the-art Visual Studio toolset. You’ll benefit from most of the advice it
contains, even if you don’t use Visual Studio!”
—Jose Luis Soria, Plain Concepts ALM Team Lead, PST

“Scrum, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server are just tools, and they will not make you better
by themselves. If you really want to improve you need to understand the tools and learn how to
improve, and definitively, Richard’s book will help you to get there”
—Luis Fraile, Visual Studio ALM MVP, Globe ALM Division Manager

“A masterpiece which distills the world of Scrum in a Visual Studio environment; anyone who is using
Scrum will recognize many of the ‘smells’ and appreciate the sharing of real-world experience and
—Willy-Peter Schaub, Program Manager, Visual Studio ALM Rangers

“This book should be required reading for everyone on your team. It will help you bring people,
processes, and technology together quickly with Scrum.”
—Mike Vincent, Professional Scrum Developer Trainer, Visual Studio ALM MV

Watch our blog for some book excerpts coming in October!

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