Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, Sixth Edition available tomorrow

imageWe’re ready to release the Release Preview eBook of Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, Sixth Edition. This book focuses exclusively on writing new Windows 8 apps with C# and XAML. (The companion content for this book also includes all the program samples converted to C++.)

See this earlier post for details on this release’s 13 chapters. In addition to updated versions of the seven chapters that appeared in the Consumer Preview edition, this release contains six new chapters : Chapter 8, “Animation”; Chapter 9, “Transforms”; Chapter 13, “Touch, Etc.”; Chapter 14, “Bitmaps”; Chapter 15, “Printing”; and Chapter 16, “Going Native.” Total page count for the Release Preview edition is 579 pages.

For those of you who haven’t already heard, as described in detail here Microsoft Press is releasing three versions of the eBook for Programming Windows, Sixth Edition, including two pre-release editions that provide crucial access to early content. When you purchase, you receive the most recently published version of the eBook—plus any subsequent versions—at special promotional pricing.

Below is our updated pricing and publication schedule—the only updates to this table are the dates related to the Release Preview eBook.

The price for the Programming Windows, Sixth EditioneBook increases to $30 on August 14 (that is, tomorrow). The price will remain $30 for two weeks, and then it will increase to $40 (until we release the final eBook). You can purchase the eBook here. Save $10 by making your purchase today!

Programming Windows, Sixth Edition eBook Version


Time Period

Consumer Preview eBook


May 17–31, 2012

Consumer Preview eBook (same content as above, no updates)


June 1, 2012 until the release of the Release Preview eBook

Release Preview eBook


August 14-27, 2012 (two weeks only)

Release Preview eBook (same content as above, no updates)


August 28, 2012 until release of the Final eBook, currently scheduled to be November 14, 2012 January 15, 2013

Final eBook


November 15, 2012 January 15, 2013 through life of edition

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  1. Mike says:

    There is no release preview available on 0'reilly. It's still may release.

  2. Greg says:

    I purchased the original Consumer Preview edition. How to I get the Release Preview edition?

  3. Greg, you can find the Release Preview edition in "Your Products" at the O'Reilly site—that is, at the same location from which you downloaded the Consumer Preview edition.

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