The Release Preview edition of Programming Windows, Sixth Edition is final

imageGreetings! This morning we finalized the 13 chapters in the Release Preview edition of Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, Sixth Edition. This book focuses exclusively on writing new Windows 8 applications with C# and XAML. The companion content for this book also includes all the program samples converted to C++.

See this earlier post for details on its 13 chapters. (This release contains six new chapters: Chapter 8, “Animation,” Chapter 9, “Transforms,” Chapter 13, “Touch, Etc.,” Chapter 14, “Bitmaps,” Chapter 15, “Printing,” and Chapter 16, “Going Native.”) Total page count for the Release Preview edition is 579 pages.

All we have to do now is create and do quality-check passes on the PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files. This means we’ll be releasing the Release Preview edition perhaps as early as Friday, August 10.

Here’s our originally published pricing and publication schedule:


Programming Windows, Sixth Edition eBook Version


Time Period

Consumer Preview eBook


May 17–31, 2012

Consumer Preview eBook (same content as above, no updates)


June 1, 2012 until the release of the Release Preview eBook

Release Preview eBook


Approximately Summer 2012 (two weeks only, date to be announced)

Release Preview eBook (same content as above, no updates)


After the two-week $30 period and until release of the Final eBook, currently scheduled to be November 14, 2012

Final eBook


November 15, 2012 through life of edition

When we release the Release Preview edition, the price for the eBook will be $30 (if you have not already taken advantage of this offer by purchasing the Consumer Preview eBook). The price will remain $30 for two weeks only.

You can still purchase Programming Windows, Sixth Edition for only $20 for one more week here (and here only).

All of you who have already taken advantage of this offer (or who do so before we release the Release Preview edition), you'll be notified by O'Reilly that the Release Preview eBook has been added to the Your Products tab of your account.

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  1. Jeremy Ellis says:

    Any updates on availability of the Release Preview edition as of 8/13/2012?  Hours? Days? More than a week?  Since MSDN subscribers (allegedly) will get the final Windows 8 bits on 8/15/2012, I suppose you might want to synchronize the availability of the latest version of the books with that.  Is that the plan?

  2. Hi, Jeremy. We've actually just finished checking the various files and Charles has finished updating his code, so we're within hours or, at most, a day of releasing. I'm about to blog this, once I work out a few more details with our release team at O'Reilly.

  3. Jeremy Ellis says:

    Thanks Devon. I saw the good news about tomorrow… 🙂

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