New book: Start Here! Learn the Kinect API

Front cover for book with ISBN 9780735663961We’re happy to announce the availability of the newest book in the Microsoft Press Start Here! series: Start Here! Learn the Kinect API, by Rob S. Miles. Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing device, originally intended as a game-playing peripheral for the Xbox, not only became the fastest-selling consumer electronic device in history, but also rapidly became the darling of hackers everywhere, who invented numerous new roles for the Kinect. Recognizing the Kinect’s potential, Microsoft released a free API for developers that let them program the Kinect through the .NET Framework, and followed that up with a “professional” release (not free) several months later.


Now, Rob Miles has written a robust introductory book for beginning programmers that introduces readers to the Kinect, and walks them through the process of building programs that use motion tracking, voice recognition, and more, using easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises.


You’ll build programs to display Kinect-captured images on your computer, capture images when the Kinect detects movement, use body motions and speech to control applications, and much more.


You can view the complete table of contents, read two sample chapters (click here), and purchase the book at The Microsoft Press Store.


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