Outline for the Consumer Preview ebook of Programming Windows, 6th Edition

671768_consumer eBook.inddGreetings. To learn more about the Consumer Preview ebook release of Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, Sixth Edition, click here.

The outline for this release is below:

Chapter 1: Markup and Code

The First Project
Graphical Greetings
Variations in Text
Media As Well
The Code Alternatives
Images in Code
Not Even a Page

Chapter 2: XAML Syntax

The Gradient Brush in Code
Property Element Syntax
Content Properties
The TextBlock Content Property
Sharing Brushes (and Other Resources)
Resources Are Shared
A Bit of Vector Graphics
A Taste of Data Binding

Chapter 3: Basic Event Handling

The Tapped Event
Routed Event Handling
Overriding the Handled Setting
Input, Alignment, and Backgrounds
Size and Orientation Changes
Bindings to Run?
Timers and Animation

Chapter 4: Presentation with Panels

The Border Element
Rectangle and Ellipse
The StackPanel
Horizontal Stacks
WhatSize with Bindings (and a Converter)
The ScrollViewer Solution
Layout Weirdness or Normalcy?
Making an E-Book
Fancier StackPanel Items
Creating Windows Runtime Libraries
The Wrap Alternative
The Canvas and Attached Properties
The Z-Index
Canvas Weirdness

Chapter 5: Control Interaction

The Control Difference
The Slider for Ranges
The Grid
Orientation and Aspect Ratios
Slider and the Formatted String Converter
Tooltips and Conversions
Sketching with Sliders
The Varieties of Button Experience
Dependency Properties
RadioButton Tags
Keyboard Input and TextBox
Touch and Thumb

Chapter 6: WinRT and MVVM

MVVM (Brief and Simplified)
Data Binding Notifications
A View Model for ColorScroll
Deriving from BindableBase
The DataContext Property
Bindings and TextBox
Buttons and MVVM
The DelegateCommand Class

Chapter 7: Building an Application

Commands, Options, and Settings
The Segoe UI Symbol Font
The Application Bar
Popups and Dialogs
Windows Runtime File I/O
Await and Async
Calling Your Own Async Methods
Controls for XamlCruncher
Application Settings and Isolated Storage
The XamlCruncher Page
Parsing the XAML
XAML Files In and Out
The Settings Dialog
Beyond the Windows Runtime
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