Request for feedback: Excerpts or complete posts?

Gang, about a month ago we switched a setting on this blog so that only excerpts of our posts appear on the blog’s home page. To see a complete post, you need to click through to that post via the post’s title. We made this change because some of our posts are quite long and we were concerned that having complete posts on the home page forces you to do a lot of scrolling just to see the various posts you might want to read.

We’d love your feedback on this. Tell us in a comment whether you like excerpted or complete posts on the home page. Thanks very much!

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  1. Kent says:

    Please switch back to complete posts.

    Having an excerpts in feed only has one purpose, increasing your pageview traffic, but with a possible cost of losing a reader. For a blog like Microsoft Press, it doesn't really make any sense having an excerpts in feed.

  2. Kent, our RSS feed provides complete posts. When you say "in feed," do you mean here?:…/microsoft_press

  3. Maurice says:

    I love the new look. Gives me the opportunity to scan all posts and pick the ones i'm interested in. Great job.

  4. Dennis Pinckard says:

    I prefer the excerpts, but I'd like them a bit longer.  Maybe a limit of 3 paragraphs.  If you go back to full posts, at least put the chapter excerpts on a separate page.

  5. I prefer excerpts for the home page so that I can skim through the topics and easily access the ones I want to read.  For RSS feeds, it is a must to use complete posts, as I cache them on my phone for when I don't have internet access (long subway commute underground).

  6. Xander Sherry says:

    I prefer excerpts on the blog home page as well, so thumbs up from me.

  7. Ayyappan says:

    Perfect change. Double likes

  8. UnZipych says:

    Can you increase the excerpt length? Sometimes it really annoy to click "Read More" just for reading a couple of additional sentences.

  9. Piotr says:

    Please switch back to complete posts.

  10. MaryB says:

    I prefer the excerpts but would like it to be a bit longer intro to the blog topic.

  11. Ashlabs says:

    Please keep the excerpts view. Doesn't take much effort to click on a post of interest and read the details.

  12. Rene says:

    Excerpts view is fine for me but I would like it to show a bit more than it currently does. I saw someone mentioned showing 3 paragraphs; that sounds good.

  13. John C. Kirk says:

    I prefer excerpts, and I'd like to see the same thing in the RSS feed (possibly as an alternate feed). That way, if there's a particular post that doesn't interest me, it doesn't take me ages to scroll down past it.

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