From the MVPs: My 2012 Global Summit experience

Hello! This is the second post in what we hope will be a long series of guest posts by Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs). Since the early 1990s, Microsoft has recognized the inspiring activities of MVPs around the world with the MVP Award. MVPs freely share their deep knowledge, real-world experience, and impartial and objective feedback to help people enhance the way they use technology. Of more than 100 million users who participate in technology communities, around 4,000 are recognized as Microsoft MVPs.

This post is by Joseph Guadagno, Visual C# MVP.

Joseph here. My 2012 Global Summit experience started back in November of 2011. You’re probably thinking, “November, the Summit isn’t until February” and that is true, the actual Summit did not take place until February 28th. However, there are many things that happen at the Summit that make up the Summit experience for which the work on them starts early.

Back in November I started working on an event I started at the Summit three years ago. The event is the 1st Time MVPs event. The purpose of the event is to get MVPs that are at the Summit for the first time acclimated with the week ahead. More on this later… I also signed up for GeekGive around the same time.


The idea for GeekGive was started by a good friend of mine, Steve Andrews, to provide another way for the technical community to give back. From the website:

For us, giving back to the community is more than just Code Camp presentations and blog posts.

We want to give of our time and energy and help improve the greater community at large.

I participated at GeekGive this year and the year before and it is an awesome experience. This year the 50+ volunteers packed 7500 lbs. of food at the Northwest Harvest. That translated to more than 5,700 meal services to local families in need.

Bellevue and Seattle

The following day, my wife and I, along with some other MVPs, visited Beth’s Cafe for breakfast because someone overheard that they have a 12-egg omelet. No one tried the 12-egg omelet but decided on the 6-egg (and did not finish it). We then decided to hit up downtown Seattle and become tourists for the day. We visited the Underground Tour in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle and learned some interesting facts about Seattle and its history. We then proceeded to the must-see attraction of Pike’s Place Market where we ate food and visited many of the diverse vendor booths there. We wrapped up the day by hanging out and catching up with friends in Bellevue.


Monday brought me back to work. With the help of Dave Noderer and Ryan Riley, we were able to put on a Languages MVP 2 MVP event. This event was similar to a code camp of just lightning sessions.

1st Time MVP Event

Monday night brought us the 1st Time MVP event. This awesome event J took place at the Rock Bottom restaurant in downtown Bellevue. Myself and about 80 other MVPs and Microsoft employees hung out for a few hours and talked about the Summit. We talked about what to do and what not do at the Summit and how MVPs can maximize their Summit experience.

Content and Product Group Interactions

Here’s where I apply the obligatory NDA or redacted joke or pun… All kidding aside, one of the big benefits of attending the Summit, outside of getting away from work, of course, is the constant education and interactions from the product teams. This is where the MVPs see what Microsoft is going to be offering on the horizon and help guide Microsoft on where to take their products in the coming years.

Other events

The Dinner with “Soma”

I was honored to receive the MVP of the year this year with 4 other Visual C# MVPs. One of the awards for that is dinner with S. “Soma” Somasegar , Senior Vice President of the Developer Division of Microsoft, along with other executives and fellow MVPs of the year.

The Attendee Party

The attendee party took place at Century Link Field where the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders play. As usual, there was music, drinks and fun everywhere. There were even fireworks in the sky. The cheerleaders were running around making many of the attendees happy.

After the attendee party I had to go check the infamous #SQLKaraoke that takes place after the attendee party. We had some fun. Kevin Griffin and I even did Bohemian Rhapsody again. It was sweet.

All in all, the Summit is an event that you should not miss if you’re an MVP. Whether you need to take vacation time or pay for it yourself, it is well worth the time and investment. As I always say, it is the family reunion for the family you actually like.

See you at the 2013 Global Summit or at another technical conference.

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