Quick news: Improvements coming in Visual Studio 11

Just want to quickly point the developers in our readership to the first of two posts on the Visual Studio blog introducing “a few of the broad reaching experience improvements that we’ve delivered in Visual Studio 11.” Here’s a description of what the two posts cover:

“In the remainder of this post we’ll describe in a lot more detail how we have given you more time to focus on adding value to your applications by reducing UI complexity in VS 11. In tomorrow’s post we’ll go into details regarding the new experience patterns we’ve introduced to simplify many of your common development workflows. The overall effect of the changes we’ve introduced is that Visual Studio 11 demands less of your focus, and instead allows you to focus far more on your code and the value that you can add to your applications.”

Also, see Soma’s post today, “The Road to Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET 4.5 Beta,” in which he announces the availability of Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET 4.5 Beta on February 29, 2012, and Jason Zander’s post, “Sneak Preview of Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta,” which includes and points to more details about the coming beta releases. Finally, there's lot more about the Visual Studio 11 Beta here.

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