Quick news: The Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be available February 29th

‘Nuff said! (OK, there’s a little more to say: watch for much more information about the Consumer Preview at the end of the month.)

UPDATE: Check out this post for information on the Consumer Preview, which was released on February 29.

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  1. Caleb says:

    Great news, can't wait to try it out!

  2. Wolf Dragon says:

    Can't wait…Hope to see a little earlier.

  3. winvb says:

    i hope it will be great can't wait to try it

    and i hope and the hidden start button look great since someone posted some ugly picture that says its the new hidden start button

  4. 呵呵,我是中国的用户,一直在关注,希望可以快点看到win8的真面目

  5. 韦子彦 says:

    我是一名小学生,来自北京,希望windows8 beta早点发布,另外,请问发布后会有免费的光盘版吗?

  6. Zhong Zhaowei says:

    Ha ha, I'm a Chinese user, I hope Windows 8 will be best in all systems. Thanks, dear Microsft.

  7. Irfanfare says:

    Not good news, using WDP a default OS since mid Sept, couldn't master all the features yet, now the challenge of mastering Beta as well. Hope we get more time to fully grasp the changes before RC or RTM release.  

  8. Irfanfare says:

    I never saw the 'Consumer Preview' discussed at the build blogs?

  9. Jacob Strenski says:

    That is GREAT news, I cant wait, its by my bday

  10. Luo Xiaowu says:

    I'm an Chinese user,maybe I will buy a Windows 8 Tablet PC and a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone in the future.I wish iOS and OS X can be defeated by Windows 8.

  11. John Bryntze says:

    Cannot wait until 29th feb.

    Will there be some sort of preview of windows 8 server as well?

  12. Stevenliu says:

    我期待win 8期待的黄花菜都凉了 看着win 8 那个概念版的视频就给力 期望这次的win 8也是那样的效果!!!

  13. 我期待win 8期待的黄花菜都凉了 看着win 8 那个概念版的视频就给力 期望这次的win 8也是那样的效果!!!

  14. Bappi Das says:

    Its beautiful

  15. Steven says:

    Will Visual Studio be included in the consumer preview?

  16. Steven, the Visual Studio 11 Beta is being released the same day: blogs.msdn.com/…/quick-news-improvements-coming-in-visual-studio-11.aspx I believe it's a separate offering.

  17. Steven says:

    Hmm, it says that Windows 8 will not be supported by the Feb. 29th release.


    Will I have to stick with the developer preview?

  18. Some guy on the internet says:

    awesome 😀

  19. ryan newby says:

    I can not wait to download the preview win your aussie pal ryan newby

  20. mohsin says:

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview it will be free of cost ??

  21. Rajat says:

    I'm waiting for the release of Windows 8 consumer priview

  22. Whatever says:

    I'm downloading it right now! Awesome!

  23. Whatever says:

    Now I'm REALLY downloading it! Hooray!

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