Quick news: Free Step by Step videos

We’ve mentioned these in previous blog posts, but thought they deserved a reminder. Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step, Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step and Windows 7 Step by Step are all available in video format free of charge. Each lesson is based on a chapter from the books. Lessons typically run about 15 – 25 minutes in length.

Click here for Microsoft Excel 2010 videos

Click here for Microsoft Word 2010 videos

Click here for Microsoft Windows 7 videos


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  1. Ute Simon, PowerPoint MVP says:

    Are these videos also available in other languages, especially in German? (I know that the books have been translated and I recommend them as a valuable resource for beginners.)

    Will there also be a series of PowerPoint videos in the near future? And Outlook please! (Outlook 2010 is currently the program which produces the most questions in forums.)



  2. KimSpilker says:

    Hi Ute –  No, these are only available in English with no current plans for translations or new videos. These were something we thought we would test to see if people liked them. At the moment, though, we aren't producing more videos.

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