Release schedule for our free Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ebook

Everybody interested in learning about what’s new in SQL Server 2012, we hope you saw our first release of our Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ebook in October. That was just a draft, two-chapter quick release to help celebrate PASS Summit 2011 (and that ebook is still available). Here’s our upcoming release schedule for the ebook at this point:

On February 1, we’ll release another draft version of the ebook. (“Draft” means we haven’t completed our editorial/production work on the content, by the way.) This version will include updated versions of the two chapters in the first release—Chapter 2, “High Availability and Disaster Recovery Enhancements,” written by Ross Mistry, and Chapter 6, “Integration Services,” written by Stacia Misner—plus four more chapters. This second draft ebook will be in PDF format only and will contain the boldfaced chapters below:

PART I   Database Administration (Ross’s part)

1. Denali Editions and Enhancements

2. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Enhancements

3. Scalability and Performance

4. Security Enhancements

5. Beyond Relational

PART II   Business Intelligence Development (Stacia’s part)

6. Integration Services

7. Data Quality Services

8. Master Data Services

9. Analysis Services and PowerPivot

10. Reporting Services

Then, in the middle of March, we’ll release the final, full, and, yes, free, 10-chapter ebook in three formats: PDF, MOBI, and EPUB.

We’ll let you know via this blog and @MicrosoftPress when each of these next two versions is available. Thanks for your interest!

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  1. cron22 says:

    That's going to be awesome for I'm efinitely going to get it in the middle of March for all of the wonderful information.  

  2. Ayyappan says:

    Good news

  3. David Laplante says:

    Great !

  4. Hasham Niaz says:

    This will help community alot

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