New book: MCPD 70-518 Exam Ref: Designing and Developing Windows Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4


Just in time for the holidays, we’re happy to announce MCPD 70-518 Exam Ref: Designing and Developing Windows® Applications Using Microsoft® .NET Framework 4 (ISBN 9780735657236; 336 pages) by Tony Northrup and Matthew A. Stoecker. This book is the latest addition to the new Microsoft Press Exam Ref series, and a great way to prepare for the MCPD 70-518 exam, the Pro-level exam required for the MCPD: Windows Developer 4 certification.

To give you a look inside, here’s the book’s Table of Contents, and an excerpt from the section on 70-518 exam objective 3.3 (Design Data Caching):


Chapter 1: Designing the Layers of a Solution

· Objective 1.1: Design a Loosely Coupled Layered Architecture

· Objective 1.2: Design Service Interaction

· Objective 1.3: Design the Security Implementation

· Objective 1.4: Design for Interoperability with External Systems

· Objective 1.5: Design for Optimal Processing

· Objective 1.6: Design for Globalization and Localization

· Chapter Summary

· Answers

Chapter 2: Designing the Presentation Layer

· Objective 2.1: Choose the Appropriate Windows Technology

· Objective 2.2: Design the UI Layout and Structure

· Objective 2.3: Design Application Workflow

· Objective 2.4: Design Data Presentation and Input

· Objective 2.5: Design Presentation Behavior

· Objective 2.6: Design for UI Responsiveness

· Chapter Summary

· Answers

Chapter 3: Designing the Data Access Layer

· Objective 3.1: Choose the Appropriate Data Access Strategy

· Objective 3.2: Design the Data Object Model

· Objective 3.3: Design Data Caching

· Objective 3.4: Design Offline Storage and Data Synchronization

· Objective 3.5: Design for a Concurrent Multiuser Environment

· Objective 3.6: Analyze Data Services for Optimization

· Chapter Summary

· Answers

Chapter 4: Planning a Solution Deployment

· Objective 4.1: Define a Client Deployment Strategy

· Objective 4.2: Plan a Database Deployment

· Objective 4.3: Design a Solution Update Strategy

· Objective 4.4: Plan for N-Tier Deployment

· Chapter Summary

· Answers

Chapter 5: Designing for Stability and Maintenance

· Objective 5.1: Design for Error Handling

· Objective 5.2: Evaluate and Recommend a Test Strategy

· Objective 5.3: Design a Diagnostics and Monitoring Strategy

· Chapter Summary

· Answers




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