Request: Looking for testers for online lab pilot

Microsoft Press is looking for people to test a new online lab program. The pilot is built around labs for Exchange Server 2010, so some familiarity with Exchange Server, regardless of version number, would be a plus.

If you wish to sign up to be a beta tester, please send an email to with the subject “Request to Beta Test.” Please include your first and last name in the email.

We can allow 10 testers per session. Each session will last for one week. We will run the pilot for 8 sessions starting January 9, 2012 and ending March 4, 2012. We can accept the first 80 requests. We will let you know the dates for which you are scheduled and send instructions on how to access the lab.

Once you begin testing the labs, we would appreciate any feedback and suggestions from you. There will be a short survey at the end of your experience.


Kim Spilker
Product Manager
Microsoft Press

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