Got marketing chops? O’Reilly is hiring

From Steve Weiss, Associate Publisher, O’Reilly Media, Microsoft Press Division

These are exciting  times in tech publishing, at least for those who have been anticipating the changes the industry is going through for some time now. Since O’Reilly Media and Microsoft created a business alliance two years ago to manage Microsoft Press, we’ve dramatically increased our online publishing presence, taking more than 500 titles to DRM-free digital formats. We’ve grown our presence at tradeshows and industry events as well, to the point where we need a dedicated marketing specialist to help manage our online activities, our community outreach, and how we continue to grow the business in a constantly changing social-media-driven environment.

The position--Senior Marketing Manager--is responsible for planning and implementing marketing efforts for the Microsoft Press product group. You need to be extremely organized, with excellent project management skills, strategic marketing vision, and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.  And the really nice thing is you don’t necessarily have to relocate, although we’d like the position to be located on the West or East Coast, with reasonable proximity (for regular visits) to either our office north of San Francisco, or in the Boston/Cambridge area.

We should add as well, that while book publishing experience is a plus, it’s not an imperative…. What’s a book these days, anyway? (Here’s an interesting perspective: )

We’d love to hear your thoughts about what excites you about the future of tech publishing.

The full job description is on our website

Know someone who might be interested? Thanks for forwarding the opportunity.

--Steve Weiss, Associate Publisher - O'Reilly Media / Microsoft Press Division

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  1. Thanks for sharing the advertisement. I have sent an application via as mentioned in the site (

  2. Anonymous says:

    The job listing page for this specific job has a button that takes you to an online application form. The sentence on the page where you found that email address says it is for freelance positions only, as one might have also surmised from the address being 'freelancers@'. The position being promoted in this blog post is full-time employee status, not freelance.

  3. Charles says:

    thanks for shariag the I have send u a app I will be n to talk to some one

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