Author news: Interview with Microsoft researcher Richard Banks

658066cvr.inddIn the spirit of Cyber Monday, today we’d like to share an interview with Richard Banks, author of the first book in Microsoft Press’s new Microsoft Research series, The future of looking back (ISBN: 978-0-7356-5806-6). The interview, by Anna Farmery, is here.

Here’s some of Anna’s description of the interview:

The nature and differences of keeping 'physical things' and saving 'digital things.'

How the ability to save everything digitally is removing the need for filtering of memories, of items you want to keep in your life.

How do you save the sentiment attached to the items - do we need to find a way of digitally saving sentiment?

The idea of the backup box - to capture your life as an ongoing project.

Don't underestimate the value of a tweet, the value of a mundane diary the future, looking back.

The ethical and moral aspects of backing up our digital lives.

You can read a different interview with Richard here, in our announcement of the new series, “Announcing the Microsoft Research series from Microsoft Press.”

Stay cyberific!

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