Quick news: Microsoft Partner Info V 2.3 app includes Microsoft Press

Greetings. Since May 2011, Eric Ligman (the Microsoft Director of Partner Experience in the Worldwide Partner Group) has been fine-tuning his “Microsoft Partner Info” Windows Phone app. Here’s a description of it:

Microsoft Partner Information, right on your phone. A new social app.

Recently, during the Interactive Leadership Forum session we held, we were sharing several social media and online resources we have and are bringing out for partners and one partner asked the question, “I didn’t even know about that resource. How can we keep track of these informational resources?” Not only is that a great question, but how do we take it a step further to go beyond just helping make partners aware of the resources available, but also make it even easier to consume those resources?

To that end, today I am happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app that brings you this information as a Microsoft partner, delivered directly to your phone. The Microsoft Partner Info mobile app brings together a large collection of Microsoft Partner information resources and pulls them into on single visual interface with the information just a touch of your fingertip away.

This week Eric updated his app to version 2.3. This new version now includes Microsoft Press’s blog and Twitter streams. Here’s Eric’s description of his recent additions:

As with past revisions of the Microsoft Partner Info app, I’ve been taking your input and feedback in and have incorporated many of the asks into this latest version. For instance, the 2.3 version now includes:

- New Countries: Belgium Luxembourg, India, Portugal
- New Products: Microsoft Download Center, Microsoft Press, Server & Tools, Solution Accelerators, Volume Licensing
- New People: Frank Shaw
- New Partner Talks: SQL Server Partner Talk
- New Feedback Ability: Provide feedback directly from the “Feedback” button on the app’s Home screen
- New/Updated Data Sources: Additional/revised data sources added to existing items (Now over 230 included!)

You can read more about Eric’s app here and you can download the app here.

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