Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali” (DRAFT preview)

665156.inddUPDATE: The final version of this ebook is available here. The version linked to below is out of date.

Greetings! We’re happy to announce that we’re in the process of creating a free ebook similar to Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (which we released in 2010). Its title is currently Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali,” and it will describe many of the new features and capabilities of the next version of SQL Server. This ebook, like that earlier one, is being authored by the fantastic team of Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner.

And today, to help celebrate PASS Summit 2011, please enjoy a DRAFT Preview excerpt containing two chapters: Chapter 2, “High Availability and Disaster Recovery Enhancements,” written by Ross, and Chapter 6, “Integration Services,” written by Stacia. You can download the DRAFT Preview ebook here.

Please keep in mind that this excerpt provides early content from an ebook currently in development and is still in draft, unedited format. This excerpt was written against SQL Server Code Name “Denali” Community Technology Preview 3.

By the way, here’s the outline for the full free ebook that we’ll publish in the spring:

Ross’s chapters:

PART I Database Administration

Chapter 1. Denali Editions and Enhancements

Chapter 2. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Enhancements

Chapter 3. Scalability and Performance

Chapter 4. Security Enhancements

Chapter 5. Beyond Relational

Stacia’s chapters:

PART II Business Intelligence Development

Chapter 6. Integration Services

Chapter 7. Data Quality Services

Chapter 8. Master Data Services

Chapter 9. Analysis Services

Chapter 10. PowerPivot

Chapter 11. Reporting Services

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  1. 1 says:


    Thanks for the ebook!.

    Are you planning to provide a .mobi download?

  2. KimSpilker says:

    Yes, once the book is complete, we'll provide PDF, Mobi and EPub. For previews, we'll only have PDF

  3. Jignesh Patel says:

    Thanks for this preview…

    Will the new drafts be released going forward along with future CTP releases of denali itself?

  4. Eralper says:

    Thanks for sharing this preview with the community

    I hope you will continue with the upcoming chapters until spring

  5. good book of the year is "Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali”" and the good product of the year will be SQL Server 2012.

    Thanks Microsoft

  6. TRX says:

    WOW, this is a really brilliant site.I am Sure happy I have found it.Some really brilliant stuff on this blog with some active comments as well.Keep up the good work you guys. Will be back later for sure.

  7. Thanks for the eBook!

  8. Wow, just found this. Nice treat 🙂

  9. Albert Spijkers says:

    Really great this free eBook initiative, Like the Allways on and primary and secondary replica and rolling upgrade technolgy!

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