New formats for our free Microsoft Office 365 ebook

In the first chapter of Microsoft Office 365: Connect and collaborate virually anywhere, anytime, Katherine Murray notes that "One of the big features of Office 365 is the software's ability to work with whatever device you're using at the momentyour desktop PC or Mac, laptop or netbook, Android phone, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, or Blackberry." In the spirit of that open access to the power and functionality of Office 365, we are now offering this free ebook in two additional formats:

.epub   Click here to get the file you can read on PCs, as well as on popular ereaders like the Barnes and Noble Nooks, the Sony Readers, and Kobo Readers.

.mobi   Click here to get the file you can read on PCs, as well as on the Amazon Kindles.

These are DRM-free versions of the ebook. Load 'em up and start learning about all the great new features of Microsoft Office 365. Note that you can also get this free ebook as a PDF: see this previous post.

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