Author news: Mark Russinovich sessions at BUILD

Just a quick note to say that Mark Russinovich, co-author of Windows Internals (Microsoft Press, 2009) and Windows Sysinternals Administrator’s Reference (Microsoft Press, 2011), is presenting twice at BUILD on Windows Azure. Here are the details (and these sessions will be online at later):

Introduction to Windows Azure: the cloud operating system

Come join Mark Russinovich for an overview of Microsoft’s new cloud OS. Assuming no prior knowledge of Windows Azure, this session will start by explaining the Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) app philosophy and how it differs from that of traditional server apps. Then, demonstrating key concepts with a real Windows Azure service built and deployed to the cloud, we’ll describe the Windows Azure service model, including concepts like update and fault domains. The session will then conclude by discussing the different service update options and detail the recovery steps Windows Azure follows when it detects that a service or a hardware device has failed.

Inside Windows Azure: the cloud operating system

Mark Russinovich goes under the hood of Microsoft’s new cloud OS. Intended for developers that have already gotten their hands dirty with Windows Azure and understand its basic concepts, this session gives an inside look at the architectural design of Windows Azure’s compute platform. You’ll learn about Microsoft’s data center architecture, what goes on behind the scenes when you deploy and update a Windows Azure app and how it monitors and responds to the health of machines, its own components and the apps it hosts.

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