Author news: Construx’s Software Executive Summit

Hello, Steve McConnell here. One of the highlights of my year is hosting Construx’s Software Executive Summit. Top executive positions are, by their nature, isolating, and most executives have little opportunity to compare notes with peers from other organizations. The Summit brings top software executives together for in-depth small group discussions and provides an intense opportunity to share experiences and learn from other organizations’ failures and successes. This year’s discussion topics include

  • Improving Productivity
  • Updates in Agile Development
  • The Cloud's Impact on Software Development
  • Maximizing Software Development's Contribution to the Business
  • Managing Maintenance and Sustaining Engineering
  • Software Security Issues
  • Succeeding with Geographically Distributed Teams
  • Job Market 2012: Compensation, Recruiting, and Retention  more >

First-time Summit attendees say that are amazed to find other executives who are facing the same challenges, and this unique event helps them find solutions. As a result, for the past five years 99% of attendees said they would attend again, and 100% said they would recommend the event to others. Check out the Summit comments page for amazing testimonials.

The event also features inspiring keynotes. This year our theme is “Thought Leaders in Software Development,” and we have an amazing lineup:

Tom Gilb, father of evolutionary development and author of the first book on software measurement will speak on “Using Quantified Value to Drive Requirements”

Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki and design guru is speaking about “Open Data in Service of Corporate Responsibility ”

Bill Curtis, co-creator of the CMM and creator of the People CMM will speak on “How Governing Code Quality Reduces Business Cost and Risk”

Philippe Kruchten, creator of the 4+1 architecture model and the Rational Unified Process will report on “Advances in Managing Technical Debt”

James Whittaker, Google’s leading test director, will present on “Testing Google Chrome”

Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete and other software development classics will speak on “The Journey to Organization-Wide Scrum”

At past Summits, 95% of participants have held titles of VP, CTO, Director, or higher. All participants should have multi-project responsibility for software development at the organization or enterprise level. In most organizations, executives at this level will have staffs of at least 50-100+. (In smaller organizations the total staff can be smaller.) Attendees will be assigned to discussion groups based on profiles submitted prior to the Summit. Construx reserves the right to limit participation in the Summit to participants who meet the participation criteria of multi-project oversight in a C-level, VP, or Director role or equivalent.

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