Project: Simple Game Creation for Windows Phone 7

Looking for a way to get into mobile development? Build a game with a little help from this open source project on CodePlex.

HomeScreen[3][1]_thumb[1]ScriptTD is an open source project that allows anyone to easily create a new Tower Defense game for the Windows Phone 7 platform, without any prior programming knowledge. The project lets you create new art & audio and edit some XML files to bring it all together into a polished game without having to write all of the code required to make the game work.

Head to and follow the instructions there to get started.

Comments (2)

  1. Pubudu says:

    This is cool thanks for the post Kim and one thing i need to know is whether i will be able to test the games with virtual Windows Phone because i do not have windows phone 7 at the moment ?


  2. KimSpilker says:

    Hi. You should be able to test your game on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 emulator. See the download and instructions here at MSDN:…/ff402563(v=VS.92).aspx

    We created some quiz apps for the Windows Phone 7 last fall and I used the emulator. It worked great for me. I didn't have a phone yet, either.

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