Seeking feedback: Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold

9780735643352fGreetings, everyone. Charles Petzold’s free 24-chapter ebook, Programming Windows Phone 7, which you can find here, has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, which pleases us very much. We’re happy you find the work helpful, and we’re currently planning a second edition of the ebook (which will also be free). To help us provide an even better offering for “Mango,” we really need your feedback about the first edition of the ebook.

Please fill out our anonymous survey to give us feedback: The survey will ask you for an ISBN to identify the title you’re commenting on. Enter this: 9780735643352

The survey is short and painless, we promise. And we do not ask for any personal information, nor will we contact you afterwards (because we don’t ask for any personal information).

Thank you!

Comments (5)
  1. BrentMorrisRTP says:

    Where the Blend?

  2. Mike James says:

    That would make the book really far too big.

    Perhaps another book?

  3. Samuel K Itotia says:

    Focus developing app thru blend 4 and mango mostly not forgetting we need c # as developing tool also

  4. Dave says:

    More and more examples please..

  5. Seunghyun says:

    WP 7.1 introduces new functions like multitasking and more & more.

    So we need 2nd Edition of Charles' WP7 book.

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