Create the Next Big App: Webcast Series

Start from a scenario relevant to you – mobile and Sharepoint apps, Facebook promos, Access databases, and see how cloud addresses relevant gaps.

Learn about the Windows Azure Platform, an Internet-scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. The webcast series will show you how the Windows Azure Platform provides you with a range of functionality to build applications from consumer Web to enterprise scenarios and includes an operating system with a set of developer services. The Windows Azure Platform provides a fully interoperable environment with support of industry standards and Web protocols, including REST, SOAP, and XML. Dive into these resources to learn more about how you can utilize this powerful solution to build new applications or extend existing ones.

See webcast titles and schedules:

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Virtual Labs

Test drive Windows Azure Platform solutions in a virtual lab. See how you can quickly and easily develop applications running in the cloud by using your existing skills with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Virtual labs are simple, with no complex setup or installation required. You get a downloadable manual for the labs and you work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

MSDN Virtual Lab: Advanced Web and Worker Roles

MSDN Virtual Lab: Building Windows Azure Services

MSDN Virtual Lab: Building Windows Azure Services with PHP

MSDN Virtual Lab: Debugging Applications in Windows Azure

MSDN Virtual Lab: Getting Started with Windows Azure Storage

MSDN Virtual Lab: MSDN Virtual Lab: Exploring Windows Azure Storage

MSDN Virtual Lab: Using Windows Azure Tables

MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows Azure Native Code

MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows Phone 7 and The Cloud

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