Book reprint: MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-680): Configuring Windows 7

9780735627086fGreetings. We want to inform you that a new print run, commonly referred to as a reprint, of MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-680): Configuring Windows 7 has come off the printer. As part of our normal reprint process, all confirmed errata that we gathered for this title through the middle of May 2011 were fixed, and the changes are included in this reprint. To make it clear whether a print copy (hard copy) of the Training Kit is the older version or the new, updated reprint version, we added “Corrected Reprint Edition” to the Training Kit’s back cover (in the bottom left corner):


All of the changes have also been included in the eBook version of the Training Kit. To make it clear whether you have the older version of the eBook or the new, updated version, we added the reprint date—[2011-05-20]—to the bottom right corner of the book’s Library of Congress page (which appears after the title page):


If you purchased the eBook version of the Training Kit from the catalog page of our official distributor, (, you will automatically be notified that an updated version of the eBook containing all of the corrections is available via your account.

If you purchased the Training Kit from another source (that is, not from, you can register your book at in order to receive the updated eBook for $4.99. If you do not already have an account at, you first need to create one via this page: Once you have an account, use the “Register Print Books” tab to register your Training Kit:


You’ll then see the following offer in your account:


As we’ve mentioned on this blog, we strive for perfect books, but we know we make mistakes. Also, we take your feedback very seriously, always requesting it, regularly reviewing it, and acting on it almost weekly in discussions we have and decisions we make about titles we’re creating. We’ve heard from many of you about errata for MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-680): Configuring Windows 7, and we’d like to thank you for sharing your catches with us either by submitting them via the title’s errata page or by writing to our Support team at You’ve helped us improve this title in the short term and improve our quality assurance procedures in the long term, and we’re grateful.

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  1. T-Unit says:

    So since the book is going to be "fixed" does that mean the test will be fixed as well. because i had a field day on review section pointing out all the mistakes. This test was hands down the longest i studied for a test, not because of the difficulty of the test. But because i had to literally to double check everything from the book. Then learn it the correct way but also keep the wrong way in my just in case the test was wrong too.

  2. mike says:

    "…we strive for perfect books…" … make me laugh …

  3. JSky says:

    So, you just leave the defective product on the shelves, and then charge the people who buy it to obtain a pdf of the 'corrected' version.  That's some example of Customer Service.  Why not at least allow a free download to registered owners?

  4. T-Unit, the teams that create the exams and the Training Kits are completely separate.

    JSky, I encourage you to write our Support team at for assistance.

  5. Ally says:

    So when are you guys going to release a updated hard copy of the book?

  6. dt says:

    why MS makes the 70-680 certification with so much content?

    There is enought material to divide in two examns

  7. DataCruncher says:

    To make it clear… we've added a tiny date stamp in the corner of a page… without any explanatory text… which you'll all obviously know means we've reprinted and corrected all the errors. Because that's what little date stamps in the corner of pages mean. It's what they've always meant. Simple. Clear. All happy? Good! Now give us more money…

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