Best Practices: Dynamics of Software Development, 2006 Edition

9780735623194fGreetings. Here’s a reminder about a book in our Best Practices series for developers. Updating the classic Dynamics of Software Development (Microsoft Press, 1995), Jim McCarthy and Michele McCarthy’s new edition of Dynamics of Software Development was released in 2006, with “Don’t Flip the Bozo Bit” and 56 other rules for delivering great software on time. Here’s more info about the book:

In 1995, Jim McCarthy captured the attention of the software development industry with DYNAMICS OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT—offering thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and strategies for delivering great software on time in the real world. Now, this classic book is back—complete with new insights and additional material.

You get the 54 original Rules—including new commentary for the 2006 Edition—with realistic guidance for organizing, managing, and working on any software development team. Adding to these insights, the McCarthys meditate on three new Rules exploring the balance of critical relationships among team members.

You’ll also briefly examine The Core. A system of protocols stemming from The Rules, The Core helps teams reach a shared vision and work together more effectively to deliver great software.

To complete the McCarthys’ tapestry, this 2006 Edition includes a CD with the original video presentation that sparked this book’s first edition and helped influence an entire generation’s approach to software development.

The CD features:

  • A video of Jim’s popular presentation: 23½ Rules of Thumb (For Shipping Great Software on Time)
  • Four episodes of The McCarthy Show

You can check out the Amazon reviews here.

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    Ordered My Copy today

  2. Great! Enjoy, and let us know what you think of it later via our anonymous book-specific questionnaire:…/booksurvey

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