Authors! Here are our updated proposal guidelines

At Microsoft Press we’re always looking for great new ways to teach our customers about Microsoft products and technologies—and great new people to teach them. We publish books on everything from essential skills for Microsoft Office and Windows to technical references and advanced topics for IT professionals and software developers, all the way from Microsoft Office 2010 Plain & Simple to Steve McConnell’s classic, Code Complete.

If you have a unique book idea or are interested in writing for one of our established series, here’s what you need to get started (a Word document you fill out with information about the book you want to write).

To send us a complete proposal via the doc linked to above, or if you just want to make a quick pitch (a paragraph or two) about your book idea, write us at 4bkideas [at]

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you’re a new or an established author—your expertise is what matters—and thanks for considering Microsoft Press as your publisher.

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  1. Osiwu Franklin says:

    I want a proposal on Microsoft exchange implementation   ..  versions are not necessary, just a template proposal or anything i can work with

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