Career Factor update: A job, a birthday, and audience participation

What's happening on Career Factor? Read on to find out...

Caroline – The Office Competition Contender, Canada

Goal: Compete at the 2011 Certiport Worldwide Competition on Office

This week: Caroline received encouragement and congratulations from Certiport. She also celebrated her 21st birthday on February 21. Happy birthday, Caroline!


Steve – The Job Seeker, Australia

Goal: Update skills and certifications to find a new job

This week: Steve explains in a video blog post that he’s finding it difficult to make time to study, but he’s learning a lot as he updates his server knowledge from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2. Audience question: How do you find time to learn?


Eddie – The Do-It-Yourself IT Pro, California

Goal: Transition back into the IT industry, obtain TS and PRO level certifications

This week: Eddie got a job offer as an entry-level IT professional! He also provided feedback on his experience at the virtual Microsoft Certified Career Conference (MCCC). He’s looking forward to starting his new job and studying for the MCTS exam to continue building his Microsoft technology skills.


Kevin – The Student, Texas

Goal: Find a post-college job as an IT Pro

This week: Kevin launched a new website! In his video blog he discusses his reaction to the MCCC and the Microsoft Certification exams he plans to take first.


Neil – The Windows Azure Developer, Canada

Goal: Learn how to develop an application on Windows Azure and SQL Azure

This week: Neil has selected an idea for his Windows Azure app, and the next challenge is to decide which features to include. He also shared video of his family’s new puppy, Rolo.


Rabeb – The Windows Phone 7 Developer, Tunisia

Goal: Develop and release a WP7 app to the Marketplace

This week: Rabeb has two videos this week: on February 22 she received encouragement and tips from Ben Lower on the Windows Phone 7 team, and on February 23 she showed us around the Microsoft Innovation Center where she works.


Simon – The IT Manager, UK

Goal: Get his team (including himself) certified to maintain Microsoft Partner status

This week: Simon has spent the past few weeks traveling in Norway for work and helping his team meet their development goals. Next he’ll benchmark his team’s knowledge with practice tests.


Bojan – The Aspiring MCM, UK

Goal: Take the MCM course and pass the Exchange 2010 MCM exam

This week: Bojan attended a three-week training course on the Microsoft campus in late January. Videos and blog posts from his course will be available in early March.

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