RTM’d today: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Step by Step


We’re happy to announce that Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Step by Step, by Olga Londer and Penelope Coventry, has shipped to the printer. This book will be available online and in bookstores in February 2011. You can learn more about the book here: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780735627260/.


Book excerpts to come in the not-too-distant future. You can preorder the book here. In the meantime, here are the contents at a glance:


Contents at a Glance

1 Introduction to SharePoint Foundation 2010
2 Navigating a SharePoint Site
3 Creating and Managing Sites
4 Working with Lists
5 Working with Libraries
6 Working with Web Pages
7 Working with List Settings
8 Working with Library Settings
9 Working with List and Library Views
10 Working with Surveys and Discussion Boards
11 Working with Workflows
12 Working with Workspaces and Blogs
13 Using SharePoint Foundation with Outlook 2010
14 Using SharePoint Foundation with Excel 2010 and Access 2010
15 Using SharePoint Foundation with InfoPath 2010
16 Finding Information on the SharePoint Site
Appendix SharePoint Foundation Permissions

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