Sample chapters: Programming Windows Identity Foundation

627185cvr.inddVittorio Bertocci’s Programming Windows Identity Foundation is off to a terrific start: it has received five reviews at Amazon, and all five are 5-starrers. Check out those reviews’ headlines for the gist: “Only Game in Town...,” “Simply the best in the market so far,” “Excellent resource to get started with WIF,” “Great book and the only one so far,” and “Excellent WIF resource.”

Today we’re happy to share the book’s full Table of Contents and two complete sample chapters: Chapter 1, “Claims-Based Identity,” and Chapter 4, “Advanced ASP.NET Programming.” 75 pages to give you an idea of the book’s coverage and quality.

You can download the PDF here.

You can download the XPS here.

(And this post contains the book’s Introduction, by the way. Also, if you search our blog for “identity,” you’ll find a number of other posts about Vittorio’s recent activities, including pointers to MSDN Channel 9 videos.)


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