Wait for it! Tony Redmond’s Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out is coming soon

9780735640610x Yes, it’s true that I have a vested interested and I am not impartial, but I still have to say that I think this is a fabulous book. If you work with Exchange, you will love this book. It is loaded with valuable information and tips that you will use every day. It covers SP1 comprehensively and in detail. And you won’t want to miss the in-depth coverage of high availability and the DAG or the coverage of all aspects of compliance from archive mailboxes to retention policies to multi-mailbox searches. The final tweaks are in place and the book is being prepared for manufacturing—watch this space for more information.

Check out what Rajesh Jha (Corporate Vice-President, Exchange) has to say:


I took over the Exchange team in 2008 after 18 years in various roles at Microsoft, and was welcomed to the team appropriately via a post on the “You Had Me at EHLO” Exchange team blog. In November 2009, not too long after taking on this new mantle, I was in Las Vegas preparing to keynote the Exchange Connections conference to celebrate the launch of Exchange Server 2010. Knowing that I’d have some time to get to know members of the much-lauded Exchange community at the event, I reached out to my team for suggestions on which customers to seek out, which partner booths to visit, and any other advice they had. If one thing was universally clear it was that I had to—simply must—meet Tony Redmond.

Tony has been a fixture in the Exchange community for over a decade. Whether it is his advocacy for the Exchange customers or his critical feedback toward improving the product, Tony has played a significant role in the Exchange ecosystem since before the first Exchange Server ever shipped out of Redmond. He is one of the most popular speakers and authors on Exchange and an important voice for every one of the executives who preceded me as leader of Exchange at Microsoft.

It is appropriate that, after 14 years, Tony is publishing a book on Exchange Server 2010 SP1, a release that has so much to do with responding to customer and community feedback through early adopter and beta programs in which he has been so active over the years. Although an important milestone for the server, Exchange 2010 SP1 is also a significant milestone in our cloud strategy. This is the version of Exchange that we carry to our own datacenter as we bring the capabilities of Exchange 2010 to the cloud. It is unprecedented in the industry to provide a product that so comprehensively increases the operational efficiency of IT, makes users more productive in their daily workflow, reduces the risk profile of an organization, and brings this value to customers whether they choose to deploy servers on premises or migrate mailboxes into the cloud.

It is this unprecedented choice and flexibility that makes Exchange so unique and SP1 so important. It is with this focus that my team marches forward as we plan for the next updates to Exchange Online and the next versions of Exchange Server. Exchange 2010 SP1 makes me excited for the future of Exchange and I hope it does the same for you.

On behalf of my entire team, thank you for being part of our Exchange family and enjoy the book!

Rajesh Jha
Corporate Vice-President, Exchange
Microsoft Corporation

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