New book: Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server

648913.indd A new ebook from Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas W. Shinder is now available. Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server (ISBN 9780735648913) presents useful best practices for deploying FPE. Yuri and Tom give a nice overview of what you can expect in the book’s introduction, which is reprinted here.


When we began this project, our intent was to create a real-world scenario that would guide IT professionals in using Microsoft best practices to deploy Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server (FPE) 2010. We hope you find that we have achieved that goal. We’ve also included a thorough explanation of the architectural side of the product, which we consider an advantage for you, because the explanation of the technical details was reviewed by engineers who work directly on the FPE team at Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS).This book provides administrative procedures, tested design examples, quick answers, and tips. In addition, it covers some of the most common deployment scenarios and describes ways to take full advantage of the product’s capabilities. It covers pre-deployment tasks, software and hardware requirements, performance considerations, and installation and configuration, using best practice recommendations.

Who Is This Book For?

Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server 2010 covers FPE in an Exchange Server 2010 environment. This book is designed for:
■ Administrators who are deploying FPE
■ Administrators who are experienced with Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2010
■ Current Forefront Security for Exchange administrators
■ Administrators who are new to FPE
■ Technology specialists, such as messaging administrators and security administrators
Because this book is limited in size and we want to provide you with the maximum value, we assume a basic knowledge of Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, and Exchange Server. These technologies are not discussed in detail, but this book contains material on all of these topics as they relate to Forefront Protection for Exchange’s administrative tasks.

How Is This Book Organized?

Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server 2010 is written to be a deployment guide and to serve as a source of architectural information related to the product. The book is organized in such a way that you can follow the steps to plan and deploy the product. The steps are based on a deployment scenario for the company Contoso. As you go through the steps, you will also notice tips for best practices implementation. At the end of each chapter, you will see an “Administrator’s Punch List,” in which you will find a summary of the main administrative tasks that were covered throughout the chapter. This is a quick checklist to help you review the main deployment tasks.

The book is organized into three chapters to cover three deployment topics: planning, installation and configuration, and using the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) for email protection.

We really hope you find the Deploying Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server 2010 useful and accurate. We have an open door policy for email at, and you can contact us through our personal blogs and Twitter accounts: and and

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