Issues with “Programming Windows Phone 7” ebook

Hey everybody, we see the comments from some of you about presentation issues with the ebook. We’ve determined that the PDF is missing a required embedded font. This is leading to odd (or worse) presentation for some of you, including bitmapped text. We’re working with the vendor to create a new file. I’ll let you know when the new file has replaced the old one in the Microsoft Download Center. We apologize for this; degraded performance is never our goal.

Also, I’ve had one report that some sample code folder path names are too long when you’re unzipping the sample code. (Windows limits a single path to 260 characters.) So you might want to shorten the path name for the code when you’re unzipping it, shortening “Microsoft_Press_ebook_Programming_Windows_Phone_7_Sample_Code” to “MSPress_ProgWP7code,” for example.

More as soon as we know it, and thanks to everyone who let us know something was up!

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  1. Luigi Bruno says:

    I'd like to ask tou for another "feature" in the new file: the possibility to use the highlighter tool (I usually use Adobe Acrobat) while reading; the current file does not allow it. Thank you.

  2. pdfexpert says:

    The current file contains ONLY bitmap of text, no text.  Maybe use something else then Microsoft Office to create it?

  3. neptune2000 says:

    Its garbage both on a Mac (with both Adobe Reader and Preview), and also on iPad's iBooks. Useless.

  4. Seif says:

    Thanks a lot for all the effort you are doing!!

  5. Other says:

    Looks perfect with Acrobat Reader on the Mac

  6. Why doesn't the XPS version have outline view, just like the PDF version?

  7. Ken says:

    Any new information on having the PDF rebuilt?

  8. Source code does not download properly?! says:

    For some reason – the source code does not download properly.  I believe that the download is supposed to be about 5.02MB and only 1.15MB comes down and does not open.  Can you please fix and reupload?

  9. anthonyk says:

    Hiii all,

    I suggest you to download new Long Path Tool software that simply allows you to work easily on Long Path files.

    Thank you.

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