Get the practice files for your Office 2010 Step by Step book

Hello. Today we’d like to share the links to the practice files for our various Office 2010 Step by Step books in one handy place:

Microsoft Access 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft Excel 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft Project 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step: USE THIS AFTER MAY 1, 2014:

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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for offereing the 2007 practice files. I had bought the book with disk, but since my husband passed away, I can't find it now. I will buy the 2010 step by step once I get through with the 2007. Again, I just wanted to thank you, these books and companion practice files are very helpful to quickly get going.

  2. khalid says:

    the practice files for outlook is not complete there are alot of files are missed please upload them again and thanks for your efforts

  3. Khalid, would you please find the book's errata page on and tell us which practice files are missing via an entry? Use the "View/Submit Errata" link on the book's catalog page. Thanks!

  4. khalid says:

    Devon Musgrave, i thought that every chapter has its own practice files but it found that it is not an obligation to make practice file for every chapter that is make me feel that is something missing ,thanks alot for your help and every thing is complete and there are not any mistakes or missing  

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi Devon,

    Where are the instructions for the practice files?  Are they supposed to be also included in the zip file?  Thank you

  6. Hi, Andrew. These files are intended to be used with the books listed. In other words, each book guides you through the steps via which you use the files for practice.

  7. barbie ganda <3 says:

    Word pad:is a basic word proccesor that is include in windoes program.

    Yo can type letters,books,reparts,and other simple documents with word pad.

    You can also-change how the text looks around and copy past tezt in a other peoples.

  8. Lost in the bowels of 2007 says:

    Could you please provide links to the files for the various books of the Step-by-Step series for Office 2007?


  9. Bowels, search for the books in question at our new store and then you'll find links to the companion content on the Downloads tab:

  10. Jim Howe says:

    I tried to download step by step access 2007 and I keep getting an error NOT FOUND?

  11. Husain says:

    I am trying to download the Practice files for Step by step Excel 2010 by Curtis D.Frye by going to link

    But no success to download.

    Please help.

    Thanks and Regards,

  12. Jaco Kotze says:

    The link to the Access 2007 Step by Step practice files does not work, where can I find the files?

    Please help



  13. Jaco, please see my response on May 28 (just above) for guidance.

  14. Jaco Kotze says:

    Hi Devon,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did follow the post and link as described in the post you mention.

    The link to the files does however not work.

  15. Jim and Jaco, thanks. We've reported this to our web team to fix. I'll post a comment when the download is available again.

  16. fran says:

    i can't find the files for MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Word Expert, Excel Expert, Acess, & Sharepoint

  17. Brenda Morrison says:

    Where are the training files for Step by Step Microsoft Sharepoint 2010?

  18. Hi Brenda,

    We have two different SharePoint 2010 Step by Step books. I'm not sure which one you have, but here are links for both. The Practice Files are under the "Companion Content" tab.

    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Step by Step –…/microsoft-sharepoint-foundation-2010-step-by-step-9780735627260

    Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Step by Step –…/microsoft-sharepoint-designer-2010-step-by-step-9780735627338

  19. george walrath says:

    attempting to import files from excel to access – need the practice files – thanks

  20. george walrath says:


    1. George –
      You need to select the link above for the title you bought. When you click through, go to the Downloads tab. You will find the files there to download, extract, and use.

  21. GLP says:

    I wonder if you still have the microsoftpress excel 2007 Step by Step practice files available. I have the CD but for some reason will not download the

  22. Hi,
    I hope this finds you well.
    I recently purchased Microsoft Office 2010 Pro, and spent hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Press Office books, only to find I can’t access any of the practice files for the books. Can you, please, help me find those?
    Tonight I was trying to get the Access 2010 Practice files, though, there are the practice files for the other books, which I need, too. I am using the Step by Step books, both the large Office 2010 Pro book, and the individual program books, too, for more in depth coverage and understanding. This NEW, as they ALL ARE, Microsoft Office, Access 2010, Step by Step book is useless without the practice files since I’ve never used Access previously…I am lost without those practice files…
    Thank you so much, in advance, for any assistance which you may provide.



    1. Hi Joaquin,
      You can find the practice files on the Microsoft Press Store. You’ll need to find the product page for each book and download the files under the Downloads tab. For example, here is the where you will find the Access 2010 Step by Step practice files:

      You will be able to find all of the practice files on the product pages for each book.

  23. Oliver J J Broderick says:

    I was looking for the practice files for Office 2016 and was directed to Office 2010. What gives?

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