RTM’d today: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator’s Companion

627208.indd We’re happy to announce that Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator’s Companion has shipped to the printer! Until it’s ready for purchase later this month, please take a look at this book’s Contents at a Glance and an excerpt from the Introduction:

Contents at a Glance

PART I  The Basics
Chapter 1 Understanding the Basics of Collaboration in SharePoint 2010
Chapter 2 Understanding the Architecture of SharePoint 2010

PART II  Installation and Implementation
Chapter 3 Optimizing SQL Server for a SharePoint 2010 Implementation
Chapter 4 Installing SharePoint 2010

PART III  Building and Managing a SharePoint Farm
Chapter 5 Using Windows PowerShell to Perform and Automate Farm Administrative Tasks
Chapter 6 Managing SharePoint 2010 Using Central Administration
Chapter 7 Scaling Out a SharePoint Farm
Chapter 8 Information Management Policies

PART IV  Organizing, Publishing, and Finding Information
Chapter 9 Organizing Information
Chapter 10 Collaboration and Portals
Chapter 11 Search Server 2010 and FAST Search: Architecture and Administration
Chapter 12 Using Windows PowerShell to Manage Search Services and FAST Search
Chapter 13 Customizing the Search Results and Search Center
Chapter 14 Administering Enterprise Content Management
Chapter 15 Administering Web Content Management and Publishing
Chapter 16 Securing Information
Chapter 17 Data Protection, Recoverability, and Availability

PART V  Advanced Topics
Chapter 18 Aggregating External Data Sources
Chapter 19 Web Parts and Their Functionality in SharePoint 2010
Chapter 20 Publishing SharePoint 2010 to Mobile Devices
Chapter 21 Business Intelligence, Reporting Services, and PerformancePoint Services
Chapter 22 Upgrading to SharePoint 2010
Chapter 23 Creating and Managing Workflows


Welcome to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator’s Companion! If you’re reading this introduction, chances are good that you’re interested in SharePoint 2010 administration. As you might suspect, this book is intended to be a reference on how to best deploy and manage this exciting product.

But despite the title, we have not assumed that only administrators will pick up this book and use it. You might be a project manager, an information management specialist, a network or SharePoint architect, or a power user who wants to learn more about SharePoint 2010 administration, design, and best practices. We have written this book with a wide variety of interested readers in mind:

■ Architects will find good information in these pages about how to design a SharePoint implementation.
■ Power users will benefit greatly from reading about site administration, the site templates that are available, and the Web Parts that ship with this product.
■ Content creators will learn how to use document libraries to their full advantage.
■ Project managers will find this a handy reference when working with SharePoint-oriented projects.
■ Information management specialists will find ideas about implementation best practices when building taxonomies using content types.
■ Compliance specialists can learn how SharePoint 2010 works with record and document management with a view to meeting compliance requirements.

As you can see, there is solid information in this book for a wide variety of professionals who will interface with SharePoint 2010.

How to Use This Book

This book contains not only great information about designing, deploying, and managing a SharePoint 2010 implementation; we’ve also included elements to help you understand the concepts and ideas better.

Look for book elements such as the following:

Real World sidebar  Everyone can benefit from the experiences of others. Real World sidebars contain elaboration on a theme or background based on the experiences of others who used this product during the beta testing period.
Note  Notes include tips, alternative ways to perform a task, or additional information that needs to be highlighted.
Important  Boxes marked Important shouldn’t be skipped. (That’s why they’re called Important.) Here you’ll find security notes, cautions, and warnings to keep you and your network out of trouble.
More Info  Often there are excellent sources for additional information on key topics. We’ll use these boxes to point you to recommended resources.
Security Alert  Nothing is more important than security when it comes to a computer network. Security elements should be carefully noted and acted on.
Best Practices  Advice for best practices that we have gained through our own technical experience is presented in these elements.
On the Companion Media  In some cases, we’ve been able to provide related material on the book’s companion CD. These pointers let you know what is available.

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  1. Alex Dean says:

    Another classic from Bill English and Co. Looking forward to adding it to my collection of essential reading for SharePoint Administrators

  2. Lee Morgan says:

    And it's available to order from Amazon UK Today (14th September)!

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