Carl Chatfield: Carl’s favorite 2010 features: Improved paste into Word and Excel

Carl Chatfield here. In previous posts (including here and here) I've explored some of my favorite new features in Project 2010. This week, I look at a nice improvement to one of the more mundane features of desktop apps: Copy and Paste.

Not Glamorous, But Still a Great 2010 Improvement

Copy and Paste via the Windows Clipboard is such a basic, unglamorous feature that I was surprised to see some improvements in this area. Yet in 2010 you'll find better pasting of structured, tabular data from Project to Word and Excel.

Let's start with the Copy and Paste experience in Office 2007 applications (and indeed what I describe here is what you'd experience in all versions prior to 2010). Let's start first with Excel.

Tables and Chairs

I'll start in the Resource Sheet view in Project. I have the Cost table applied, and I'd like to paste this tabular data into Excel for some additional analysis.

Next I'll click the Select All button in the upper left corner of the table to select all values, and copy the selection to the Clipboard.

I switch to Excel, and past the Clipboard contents into a new workbook. Here's the result I get:

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