Author news: Jeff Conrad demos an Access Services web application

9780735626850x[1] Good morning. This video has been on Channel 9 for a couple of months, but users of Access might find it interesting. Jeff Conrad, one of the authors of the upcoming Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out (ISBN: 978-0-7356-2685-0), “talks about his upcoming book…discusses how he built a completely web-based restaurant management system using Access, and walks us through the system's features, including data macros, custom reports, filtering, and client functionality.” Access Services is a new feature of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition that supports close integration with Microsoft Access 2010. This integration enables users to extend the ease of Access application development to the creation of Web forms and reports, and it enables IT managers to extend the ease of SharePoint 2010 Products administration to the management of Access data, application objects, and application behavior.

The video is about a half-hour long. It’s here.

Jeff’s website also includes loads of useful Access-related material. For example, check out his Access 2010 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

And look for his book, which is coming soon!

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