Rob and Andy talk Windows Phone 7

Rob Miles here. Next week Andy Wigley and I will be talking Windows Phone 7 development. For six hours. We are going to be covering how you write Silverlight applications, how you write games in XNA (that’s my favourite bit), how you sell them, and what makes this new platform so special and shiny. There will be four three-hour sessions: two on Tuesday, July 20th and two on Thursday, July 22nd. On the Wednesday in-between Andy and I will be online giving help to anyone getting started.

We are doing all this live from downtown Bellevue, as a Windows Live event with video so that you can actually watch us play with all the toys. There will be quizzes, prizes, and labs along with some truly appalling jokes (sorry about that).

You can find out more, and sign up, here:


P.S. Devon here. We might not have shared this yet, but both Rob and Andy are writing books for us (and for us all) on Windows Phone 7. Along with Charles Petzold, Doug Boling, and Michael Stroh. We’ve got lots of great writing on Windows Phone 7 coming soon.

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  1. David White says:

    If I've watched all the Windows Phone 7 content from MIX10 will I learn anything significant from these sessions? (Context: your early sessions start at 3AM in my time zone.)

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