Windows PowerShell Community Extension project

I ran across the PowerShell Community Extension (PSCX) project several years ago when working with Windows PowerShell 1.0. It is a collection of cmdlets that are written for WIndows PowerShell by people in the community. Some of the people who work on the project are professional developers, others are not – they are people who like to write code for fun, and who enjoy contributing to the community. That is the beauty of the PSCX project it is community driven. The first set of cmdlets were great additions to Windows PowerShell and provide needed functionality, as well as some things that were just fun to use. The newest release works with Windows PowerShell 2.0. For today’s Hey Scripting Guy! article, I asked Keith Hill to write an article describing the newest version of PSCX. Check it out, it is a cool article about an awesome product. The best part? Both the article, and the PSCX are free.

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