Changing Display Resolution on the fly …

Back when I was traveling all around the world and teaching scripting workshops to customers, I was constantly changing the display resolution on my laptop. Generally, when connecting to the overhead projector (or beamer as it was called in Germany) you need to select a lower resolution than the laptop is designed to run at. This ensures the fonts will be viewable from the back of the room.

While a low resolution (such as 800×600) looks good from the back of the room, it does not look good up close on the laptop. In fact, many Windows applications are unusable at such a low resolution due to the size of the dialog boxes and problems with navigating around the screen. I always wanted a script I could run when I started the day, and a script to run at the end of the day … or during lunch if I wished to check email. Now such a script exists. Check out today’s Hey Scripting Guy! blog for an excellent guest article written by Andy Schneider for more information.

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