Superquick poll: What do you use when preparing for a Microsoft certification?

When preparing for a Microsoft certification, do you take a class? Read a Training Kit (such as this one)? Do both?

Tell us via Twitter (@MicrosoftPress) or by commenting on this post.

Thank you!

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  1. David Thomassen says:

    I am lucky that I can absorb information from the book, so 70% of exams are done from the book, Rest are Course and Book

  2. daemonRoot says:

    I’d rather read the book and do some hands on 🙂

  3. Sean Walsh says:

    I use the MS Press training kits followed up with a non-MS press book, just for diversity.

    I’m working on the one you just linked, there are some glaring errors, like no one actually tried to perform some of the labs.  Also the fact that it was released before some of the tools in it were finalized, like the MDT.  I would’ve preferred the product be delayed until the tool is released and the content verified.

  4. Yaroslav says:

    I use MOC + books + technet + hands on

  5. Henrik Pedersen says:

    I am using MS Press books, MS eLearning, Technet and virtual labs for testing what I have learned.

  6. MeltonDBA says:

    I would use twitter….stupid filters 🙂

    I use mostly experience and then books (including practice test engines) to refresh before sitting the exam.

    I have taken courses but they were for the purpose of training wth the product, not test prep.

  7. (for Developer exams)

    I look at the exam description on the Learning site. For each area or class that I’m not familiar with, I look them up on MSDN.

    Books are good, too, especially for more specialized technologies (e.g., WCF).

    Hands-down, though, experience is the best preparation for any of the exams I’ve taken.

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