Sample chapters: CLR via C#, by Jeffrey Richter

9780735627048f Greetings, everybody. Two chapters from Jeffrey’s recent book, CLR via C#, Third Edition (ISBN: 9780735627048; Microsoft Press, 2010) are available here.

You’ll find Chapter 4, “Type Fundamentals,” and Chapter 16, “Arrays,” as well as the book’s complete TOC.

Here is Chapter 4’s coverage:

In this chapter:
All Types Are Derived from System.Object   91
Casting Between Types   93
Namespaces and Assemblies   97
How Things Relate at Runtime   102

And here is Chapter 16’s coverage:

In this chapter:
Initializing Array Elements   388
Casting Arrays   390
All Arrays Are Implicitly Derived from System.Array   392
All Arrays Implicitly Implement IEnumerable, ICollection, and IList   393
Passing and Returning Arrays   394
Creating Non-Zero–Lower Bound Arrays   395
Array Access Performance   396
Unsafe Array Access and Fixed-Size Array   401


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