Rob Miles on Windows Phone 7 Application and Game Development

Microsoft Press is very pleased to be working with Rob Miles (of Hull University, a Microsoft MVP, with a blog that is wonderfully varied) on updating Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0: Learn Programming Now! for Microsoft XNA 4.0 Game Studio Express. Rob will be adding some coverage of Windows Phone 7 to the book, and we’re also planning another book on the Windows Phone with Rob.

Rob recently spoke at Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands. His presentation was on app and game development for Windows Phone 7. The presentation is just under an hour and can be found here. Here’s Channel 9’s description:

If you are new to Windows Phone, or Game Development then this session is for you. Find out what hardware and software you will need to get started, and what the game development options are for this exciting new platform. Learn how to get the drop on the competition and be first in the Windows Phone Marketplace with compelling content. And there might even be some jokes too.

Watch this show with the very funny Rob Miles. He talks about the new Windows Phone 7 tools, shows how you can emulate your accelerometers for your WP7 with an Xbox 360 controller and much more.

Rob’s presentation covers a lot in the hour, and Rob also gives a shout-out to our six-chapter DRAFT Preview ebook of Charles Petzold’s upcoming book, Programming Windows Phone 7.


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